Winix FresHome P450 Air Purifier Review 2019

Last Updated: January 1, 2019

The largest and most powerful of its series, the Winix FresHome P450 is a relatively powerful product. Our team undertook a thorough assessment of this best selling air purifier and this is their full review of the appliance.

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The Winix FesHome P450 is one of the best air purifier units we have reviewed. While it may not perform as we well as some of the other units, for a price tag of $230, it provides an ideal alternative to more expensive units.


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Winix FresHome P450 Air Purifier Review 2019

The Winix FresHome P450 is one of the most impressive devices we have reviewed on this site, and for a price-point that is less than $250, it’s an absolute bargain.


Cleaning Capacity

The largest and most powerful of its series, the Winix FresHome P450 is a relatively powerful product. With high – moderate CADR scores, this unit can clean the air in a space up to a suggested range of 450 square feet. This makes the P450 ideal for medium-sized living spaces. We would not advise using this device on a space any larger than what we have suggested, as that would decrease the product’s effectiveness.

This unit benefits from a three-tiered filter system. The first filter being an Odour Absorbing Carbon Pre-filter. This extends the life of the more effective filters by shielding them from larger particles in the air such as hair and dust. Behind this filter lies a True HEPA filter, which captures the smallest particles. These particles include pet dander, pollen etc. Finally, behind the HEPA layer, is the Advanced PlasmaWave™ Technology. This layer is said to break apart odour, allergens, and other pollutants at the molecular level, without producing harmful ozone.

This unique final layer is a controversial addition, as many people take issue with Ionizers as they tend to leave traces of harmful Ozone. However, Winix claims that their patented new technology eliminates this concern.

Note: To turn OFF the PlasmaWave function, press and hold the “Auto” button for three seconds.

Here are the FresHome P450’s CADR figures:

  • Smoke: 291
  • Pollen: 343
  • Dust: 298


Efficiency & Certifications

This unit has a set of sensors that monitor the light condition in the room, and the air passing through the unit. The purpose of the light sensor is the device will enter a sleep mode when in dim lighting, so as not to disturb the user when sleeping. Whereas the purpose of the air sensor is to detect pollutants in the air of the room, and initiate an auto mode, whereby the unit will power on, and begin cleaning the air when it detects a high density of pollutants present.

The Winix FresHome P450 is Energy Star Qualified. This assures the user that the unit adheres to a set of regulations regarding energy consumption.

The FresHome P450 also benefits from a high-moderate CADR rating. This unit is also AHAM Verified and UL Listed which confirms that the purifiers CADR score is accurate, and does not release harmful emissions into the air.

Assumedly due to the amount of advanced technology involved in this product, the wattage required for it to function can vary between 11-110W, which above the average amount of power required for your everyday purifier.

The Winix FresHome P450 also offers four different fan speeds, so the user can manually control to what extent the purifier is functioning at, at any given time.



As far as convenience is concerned, the Winix FresHome P450 is a good choice. With a remote control for convenient operation, and very silent operation at only 27-60dB (Depending on the level at which the device is functioning). The auto and sleep modes add an extra element of comfort, as the user can effectively set-up the device and then forget about it, as it will function independently.

The four fan speed settings are also useful, as this allows the user to manually adjust the level at which the purifier is functioning at. There is, unfortunately no programmable timer function, although arguably this function is not necessary when considering the independent functionality of the unit.

Weighing at 18.7lbs, this purifier is one of the heavier units we have reviewed. The Winix FresHome P450 is also quite large compared to some of the other purifiers we have reviewed, so reasonable space will be required.



Aesthetically, the Winix FresHome P450 is an attractive appliance. A sleek black and white exterior exudes professionalism, and alludes to an assurance of quality.

However, the absence of handles is regrettable. As is the size of the product, as quite a bit of space will be required, when compared to the likes of other, smaller purifiers.

With a weight of 18.7lbs, this product is easily transferred from room to room, and portability is always a plus.


Help & Support

This product has a one year limited warranty. This is industry standard.

A downloadable online manual is also available, in the case of loss of a physical copy.

A FAQs page is also available on the Winix website, as is contact details. Should you require a representative, Winix is contactable via phone, email, mail, and a “Contact Us” page on their website. Overall, this is upper standard customer service.



To conclude, the Winix FresHome P450 is a low cost alternative to a higher end air purifier. With a sleek design, and advanced technologies incorporated in its design, we would recommend this purifier for use in a medium sized room. However, the costs of maintaining this device are relatively high, due to its high energy demands, and filter costs.


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