Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Air Conditioner Review 2020

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Working in IT? Looking for a unit to cool your server? Check out our review of the Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K air conditioner.

by AC Rated

While the majority of the air conditioning units we review here at a Air Conditioners Rated are designed for home installation, there are units on the market to suit all needs. Today, our team of air conditioner analysts will be reviewing the Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K commercial air conditioner, designed for providing cooling effects to IT environments such as servers or other electrical equipment prone to heating. If you regularly deal with heavy IT devices that require cooling, check out our review below, as this product may be the perfect solution to keeping everything running smoothly. Check out our full review below.


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Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K Air Conditioner

The Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K is the ideal partner for any large piece of IT equipment, providing cooling to where its needed most. In todays fast-paced, technologically advanced world, our equipment can be placed under a lot of strain, which can lead to over-heating and eventual damage to the product. This however, can be prevented by the installation of a cooling unit, such as the Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K. Check out our full review below for more details.


Cooling Performance

With 12,000 BTUs of cooling power under the bonnet, the Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K air conditioner is capable of cooling a space of up to 500 square feet, while providing dehumidifying services capable of removing up to 5.28 pints of moisture from the air each hour. Such specifications make this product ideally suited for maintaining a stable environment for large server units to function smoothly and consistently.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K comes tested to CE standards. What this essentially means is that this unit adheres to the necessary regulations set out for the product to be entered into the european market. This is always a fantastic guarantee of product quality, due to the EU’s famously high standards of unit quality. Additionally, this unit is RoHS compliant, which assures the user that there are no hazardous materials integrated into the design of this unit.



With a built-in evaporator, condensed water is expelled through an exhaust tube. Additionally, with unattended shutdown and start-up, user convenience is prioritised ,with auto restart capability allowing this unit to reboot itself following a power outage, ensuring continuous cooling services when you need them the most. Another feature we particularly enjoy about this product is its system-lock function, which essentially disables all other buttons on the unit, preventing any unintentional input. Finally, the most convenient feature of the Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K is its SRCOOLNET compatibility, allowing the user to control their unit through a web browser, although this product needs to be bought separately, which is unfortunate.



A touch-sensitive control panel located at the top of the device features an LED / Numerical temperature readout, allowing the user to conveniently gather all of the necessary information they need to monitor their unit’s performance. Additionally, the rotary compressor of this unit means that while the Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K functions at a relatively quiet noise level of 57dB. For reference, the average human conversation will usually measure at about 60dB. Additionally, with built-in caster wheels, this product is easily moved from one location to the next, regardless of its  above-average weight of 73.9lbs. With regard to installation of the Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K, this product plugs into any standard Schuko CEE7 outlet, with a 6ft. input cord that makes set-up of this unit as easy as possible. Additionally, the Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K comes with a window / drop-ceiling kit for heat extraction purposes.


Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 30.6″

Width: 11.8″

Depth: 19.88″


Help & Support

Fortunately, this unit comes backed by a relatively industry-standard warranty coverage plan of 1-year. Additionally, numerous customer support resources are available online for buyers to take advantage of, including an in-depth FAQs section, downloadable user documents, and useful web articles to help you boost the efficiency of your Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K. Finally, should you encounter an issue with this device, and require expert advise, Tripp Lite customer service representatives are contactable via telephone or email.



While admittedly catering for a niche market, as the vast majority of buyers out there do not have a larger server requiring cooling, for those of us out there who do require such services, we certainly recommend the Tripp Lite SRXCOOL12K as a reliable, robustly built unit, definitely worth investing in.