SPT WA-6022S Air Conditioner Review 2019

Last Updated: January 1, 2019

Poking around for a window-mounted air conditioner? Check out this affordable yet very convenient model by Sunpentown.

by AC Rated

Our team put the SPT WA-6022S to the test to see how it measures up to the other units we have reviewed here at Air Conditioners Rated. Thankfully, we were pleasantly surprised with how well this low-cost, smaller unit performed. In this industry, there are several  well established brands, and often the smaller brands like Sunpentown get unjustifiably put to the side. Well, not today, because Sunpentown have given us a fantastic product. This is our SPT WA-6022S window-mounted air conditioner review.


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SPT WA-6022S Air Conditioner Review


Cooling Performance

With 6,000BTUs of cooling power, the SPT WA-6022S is on the lower end of window-mounted air conditioners when it comes to strength. Catering to living spaces of up to 250 square feet, this unit is perfect for the small-medium sized living spaces. With a maximum airflow of 153 cubic feet per minute, this unit has the added ability to remove 0.7 pints of moisture from the air per hour, allowing this unit to double as a dehumidifier of sorts.


Efficiency / Certifications

Energy Star Qualified, this unit scores an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11.2, which is substantially above the industry average of 9.7. With 3 Fan speeds, the user is also enabled to draw the performance they need from their unit, without wasting a lot of energy.

Another certification this unit benefits from, is being UL-Listed. What this implies is that this unit was tested by Underwriters Laboratories, the results of such assessments declaring that this unit is safe for public use. Being UL-Listed is essential for AC units, although remarkably there are several units on the market without this certification.

Unfortunately, this unit is not AHAM certified, so we have no guarantee that the specifications claimed by the manufacturer are 100% accurate. However, this device does use a chlorine-free refrigerant, which is better for the environment.



With convenience in mind, the SPT WA-6022S was evidently designed with user in mind. Including all of the convenient features we would like to see in an AC unit, this product is a dream to use.

Remote controllable, this unit does not demand that you get up and walk across the room simply to change the fan speed. As well as this, a programmable timer empowers the user to program their unit to function whenever in the day they would want it to.

Fan Mode enables the device to circulate air around the room without cooling it. Similarly the Dehumidify Only function allows the unit to remove moisture from the air without cooling its environment. Activating Sleep Mode will allow the device to gradually increase temperatures throughout the night while you rest, maintain a comfortable atmosphere, and saving energy. Another plus for Sleep Mode is that you needn’t worry about waking up to a cold home.

Energy Saver Mode enables the unit to function on decreased capacities, saving you money on your bills, while Auto Mode allows the device to detect when the temperature of your home has reached an uncomfortable level. The unit will then boot up, re-establish a comfortable temperature, and maintain it.

Finally, Auto Restart is an exceptionally useful feature for those of us who live in environments that suffer frequent power outages. Essentially, this feature will simply automatically reboot after a power outage.



An Air Filter built-in to this unit removes large airborne particulates, such as dust and hair. This allows the user peace-of-mind, knowing that their AC device is working to clean the air.

Another immensely useful feature is the SPT WA-6022S’s 4-Way Directional Louvers, which allow the user to evenly distribute air around your living space.

Weighing 45lbs, this unit is not exceptionally heavy compared to some of the other units we have reviewed, however we would advise against attempting to lift or install this device on your own if you find it to be too heavy to lift comfortably.

With a noise level of 53dB, this unit is also considerably quiet. For reference, the average human conversation registers at about 60dB.


Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 13 2/5″

Width: 18 3/4″

Depth: 15 3/4″

Maximum Window Kit Width: 36″

Minimum Window Height: 14″


Help & Support

With 1-year warranties on both the appliance and the compressor, Sunpentown representatives are contactable via email, telephone, or fax. We recommend that any potential buyers with questions concerning warranty policy contact Sunpentown directly.



In conclusion, this is definitely one of our favourite products to be produced by Sunpentown. Scoring highly in both convenience and efficiency, there is not much more that we could ask for in an air conditioning unit. While it may not be powerful enough to service a large area, if you are looking for a window-mounted air conditioning unit for a small-medium sized living space, at a low price, we would certainly recommend this product to you.