SPT SF-48LB Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

Living in a hot arid climate? Looking to cool your living space while also putting some moisture into the air? You need an Evaporative Cooler / Swamp Cooler, and we may have just the one for you. Check out the SPT SF-48LB.

by AC Rated

The SPT SF-48LB by Sunpentown is effective at two things, cooling and humidifying. With the prevalence of dehumidifiers and the common knowledge of the detrimental effects of humidity, often people are mistaken in believing that all humidity is bad, and they would better be rid of it entirely. To those people, the concept of a humidifier may seem odd, however we can assure you that having a lack of humidity, is just as bad as too much humidity. It can lead to dry lips, irritated coughs, and even make you and your loved ones more susceptible to infection. This is usually the case in desert climates, however thanks to modern technology this kind of environment can be brought back to comfort with the installation of a swamp cooler / evaporative cooler. This type of device cools air by evaporating water into, creating the effect of a soothing off-shore breeze, and moistening the air, making it an ideal outdoor air conditioner. Check out our full SPT SF-48LB review below for the full run-down of this device and its features.


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SPT SF-48LB Air Conditioner

Cooling Performance

With a maximum airflow of 1062 cubic feet per minute, this unit is capable of adequately cooling and humidifying spaces of up to approximately 260 square feet. In addition to this, the SPT SF-48LB is able to introduce up to 2.53 pints of moisture into the air each hour, allowing it to function as an effective humidifier, making this product ideal for those living in environments that have a humidity level of 60% or lower.


Efficiency & Certifications

Fortunately, this unit comes ETL listed, which declares that this unit is suitable for retail on the north American marketplace. With this certification the user needn’t worry about their unit breaking the rules by containing hazardous materials etc.



This unit’s wireless remote control allows the user to issue commands to their unit from anywhere in the room. This is especially useful when you want to change the setting on your air conditioner, as with this feature you needn’t get out of your chair to tailor your device’s performance for optimum comfort. Additionally, the SPT SF-48LB boasts a 7.5 programmable timer, allowing the user to input a short operational schedule for their convenience. Finally, this unit has 3 fan speeds of differing efficiency, and even a sleep mode for added customisability of performance.



One particularly admirable aspect of Sunpentown’s design of this unit is its inclusion of a wide range of useful features, such as automatically swinging vertical air louvers, or the water out indicator which notifies the user when the water reservoir must be re-filled. Additionally, for added portability, the SPT SF-48LB stands on four sturdy easy-roll caster wheels, while the tank capacity of this device stands at 12.7 gallons. A relatively simple aspect of this unit’s design, yet ironically one of the most useful, is the water level window, that allows the user to see how much water is left in the tank. Alternatively, continues water supply can be set up through a connection. Finally, the power cord of this evaporative cooler measures in at a length of 6.75 ft., which expands the number of potential set-up locations in the home.

Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 34″

Width: 24.25″

Depth: 15″


Help & Support

Unfortunately, while this unit is covered by a warranty coverage plan, we were unable to uncover the length of this warranty coverage at the time of this review. What we can tell you is that Sunpentown customer service representatives may be contacted via telephone, email, and fax.



To conclude our review of the SPT SF-48LB, this device excels under the categories of performance and convenience. Unfortunately, in the interest of fairness, it must be noted that the lack of efficiency related information, and warranty information, is somewhat of a concern to us. That being said, for what it is, a low-cost alternative, the SPT SF-48LB does punch significantly above its weight. If you’re looking for a unit to cool and humidify a medium sized living space, we would certainly recommend considering the SPT SF-48LB