Senville SENL-18CD Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

The air conditioner market can be incredibly confusing. With an ever-increasing choice of units, we’re here to clear things up for you. Check out our review of the Senville SENL-18CD formidable ductless mini split.

by AC Rated

If you seek a powerful ductless air conditioner to provide cooling effects to a large residential space, check out our Senville SENL-18CD. With a high power output, alongside a number of certifications, this moderately efficient ductless mini split air conditioning unit is the ideal alternative to the more expensive products on the market. Easily chilling large living spaces, the Senville SENL-18CD is certainly deserving of our mark of approval. Continue reading our full review for more information.


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Senville SENL-18CD Air Conditioner Review

Ductless mini split units consist of two main components, an air handler unit located indoors, and a condenser unit, located outdoors. These two components are then linked through the wall by wires and tubing, thus removing the necessity for large air ducts. Today we will be reviewing one such unit, weighing up its pros and its cons to bring you all of the up-to-date information available about this extraordinarily powerful home air conditioner. Check out our full assessment below for more.


Cooling Performance

Providing the user with a formidable 18,000 BTUs of sheer cooling power, the Senville SENL-18CD is a fitting choice of air conditioning system for installation in residential spaces of up to a staggering 1,000 square feet. Additionally, with a maximum airflow of 424 cubic feet per minute, this unit is able to circulate air quickly and efficiently, which means the desired cooling effect is delivered at a faster pace to the whole room.


Efficiency & Certifications

A unit’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) figure is an industry recognised measure of a unit’s efficiency. While there are slight issues with the system, the principle remains; the higher the figure, the more efficient the unit. With a SEER score of 15, this unit is moderately efficient. Additionally, this unit incorporates inverter technology, which allows it to control its fan speed, thus saving energy, as opposed to consistently turning itself on and off.

As far as certifications are concerned, the Senville SENL-18CD is ETL certified, which declares that this product adheres to all the necessary regulations required to be suitable for the North American market. Further, this unit also benefits from an AHRI performance certification, meaning that all of the specifications published with this unit are indeed accurate.



With the inclusion of a wireless remote control, the user is enabled to issue commands to their unit from anywhere in the room. While seemingly a trivial design feature, you would be surprised how many units on the market do not include a remote, and take it from us, you miss it.



Multi-directional air vents built-into this unit allow it to provide a more even distribution of cooled air to the local environment. In addition, this unit comes with its own 16 ft. installation kit. However, we strongly advise into attempting any kind of installation. While installing a ductless mini split air conditioner is not as complex as some of the larger ducted air conditioning systems, a professional is still required. Note, should you attempt installation yourself, there is a chance of causing damage to the air conditioner, and attempting to install without an experienced contractor can, at times, render you ineligible to avail of any warranty coverage. Check out our brief run-down of this system’s dimensions below.

Dimensions (Inches)

Indoor Unit

Height: 11.89″

Width: 37.72″

Depth: 8.39″

Weight: 22.9lbs


Outdoor Unit

Height:  21.81″

Width: 31.50″

Depth: 13.11″

Weight: 80.5lbs


Help & Support

With experienced customer service agents contactable via various social media platforms, telephone, and online contact form, there are plentiful ways to contact the manufacturer of this product if you ever encounter issues. While we would have liked to see more modern channels of communication incorporated into their customer service infrastructure, such as live chat, the channels already in place are more-than sufficient. Additionally, there is a wealth of informative documents available on the company’s official website, relating to specific warranty policy, product parts, user manuals, and more. Finally, the Senville SENL-18CD enjoys a generous warranty coverage plan, with 2-years parts and 5-years compressor covered. We recommend contacting Senville directly if you seek further information regarding warranty policies.



The Senville SENL-18CD promises the user power, and that is exactly what is delivered. Quickly chilling a large living space with its powerful airflow output, this unit is certainly one to consider if you have a room large enough. Another benefit of this product, although obvious it may be, is that the Senville SENL-18CD is a ductless mini split air conditioner unit. This means that there are no ultra-expensive renovations required to install this unit, which is a big plus when considering unit convenience.