Portacool PACCYC06 Air Conditioner 2021

Last Updated: January 1, 2021

Dreading the dry and hot Summer months, bring comfort back to your home with the Portacool PACCYC06 evaporative cooler, fighting back dry air and heat, and making it look easy.

by AC Rated
Unlike the traditional air conditioner, the evaporative cooler, or ‘swamp’ cooler provides air conditioning services by evaporating water into the air, making them an ideal way to combat both heat, and lack of moisture. The reasoning behind this stems from the discomfort felt by those living in hot and arid climates, who will confirm that there are a number of health risks to living in dry air, including dry skin, an irritated throat, and even increased susceptibility to infection. It is in environments like this that the Portacool PACCYC06 comes in handy. We would recommend this product for installation in areas of 60% humidity or less. Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide below for our opinion on this effective indoor and outdoor air conditioner.
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Portacool PACCYC06 Air Conditioner

Cooling Performance

With a maximum airflow of up to 1,000 cubic feet per minute, the Portacool PACCYC06 is capable of adequately servicing spaces of up to a range of 300 square feet. Additionally, due to the Portacool PACCYC06’s high performance figures, it is able to reduce temperatures by up to 30 degrees fahrenheit. This unit’s ability to deliver such an effective performance make it ideal for outdoor installation, making it the perfect addition to any patio or deck area.


Efficiency & Certifications

Unfortunately, there is not as much certification information available regarding the Portacool PACCYC06 as we would have liked, however, we can say that this unit is ETL listed, which essentially means that this product is suitable for retail on the north American market.


With 2 fan speeds of differing intensity, the user is allowed more customisability in how they would like their unit to perform. Additionally this also contributes toward a more efficient performance, as the user can now operate their device on a lowered capacity whenever full power is not required.


Weighing approximately 50lbs, the Portacool PACCY06 is easily moved from room to room on its recessed caster wheels. Further, with its 8 gallon water tank, this unit will not force the user to get up and refill its internal reservoir on an overly frequent basis. Other added benefits to the Portacool PACCY06 include a sleek and robust design, and being environmentally friendly, thanks to the methods of water evaporation utilised.

Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 35″

Width: 19″

Depth: 18.5″


Help & Support

This product benefits from a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, which is a relatively standard warranty coverage plan. Additionally, Portacool supply a wealth of online resources for their users to benefit from, including an extensive FAQs section, downloadable user manuals, and tutorial videos, all located on the company website. Furthermore, in the unlikely scenario that you should encounter an issue with your unit, experienced customer service representatives may be contacted via telephone or email.



Wrapping up our review of the Portacool PACCY06, our only complaint regarding this unit would be its modest range of convenient features. We personally would have enjoyed a more accessible approach to unit operation, even if it meant the simple inclusion of a wireless remote control. That being said, this unit’s high performance and operational efficiency make it a formidable unit, regardless of any features it may be lacking. We would strongly recommend this unit for use in either indoor or outdoor settings, as a means to achieving long-lasting comfort to carry you and your loved ones through the Summer months.