Panasonic ECONAVI Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Searching for an effective ductless mini split air conditioning system, check out the Panasonic ECONAVI for an easy way to beat the heat and bring comfort back to your Summer evenings.

by AC Rated

A world-renowned brand known for manufacturing extensive ranges of highly convenient and efficient home appliances, Panasonic have held ground in several industries for many years now. Today, we challenge this titan brand’s reputation, by carrying out a critical analysis of the Panasonic ECONAVI ductless mini split air conditioner. Looking into the various pros and cons of the product under numerous different categories, we hope to give you an idea of whether or not this unit is suitable for you and your loved ones. Check out our full review below.


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Panasonic ECONAVI Air Conditioner Review

The home air conditioning market is saturated with choices. With a wide range of products of varying strength and type, it can be difficult to find the unit that best suits your home’s particular needs. It’s because of this that we at Air Conditioners Rated have made it our mission to simplify things for the average consumer out there. Today’s review is of the Panasonic ECONAVI ductless mini split system air conditioner. The ductless mini split model of air conditioner consists of two units, the outdoor condenser and the indoor air handler. These two components are then linked via wires and refrigerant tubing. The main advantage of selecting this type of modern air conditioning fixture is  the lack of ducts, which means less home renovation is required. However, while this type of system is easier to install than its ducted counterparts, it is still absolutely necessary to hire a qualified professional to install this system, as it is quite easy to botch the job, which will cost you dearly to remedy, and forfeit your warranty coverage.

Regarding the Panasonic ECONAVI, this unit excels in efficiency, but also performs quite well when it comes to convenience. Additionally, this unit’s cooling/heating output make it ideal for medium sized living spaces, with the added benefit of heating capability making this unit incredibly useful all year-round. Continue reading for more information.


Cooling Performance

With a moderate 9,000 BTU cooling output, and a 13,000 BTU heating output, the Panasonic ECONAVI is capable of cooling areas of up to 400 square feet, and further maintain a comfortable constant temperature. Additionally, this unit can double as an effective dehumidifier, removing up to 1.3 pints of moisture from the air every hour.


Efficiency & Certifications

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) provides an accurate measurement of how efficiently a unit can be expected to perform while in operation. To put it simply, the higher the score, the more efficient the unit, and the more money you save. However, bear in mind that such ratios are obtained through testing in controlled “average” seasonal conditions, and of course different climate will challenge air conditioners in different ways. Taking all this into account, the Panasonic ECONAVI excels with an exceptionally high SEER score of 23.0. As a further guarantee of this unit’s efficiency, the Panasonic ECONAVI benefits from an Energy Star certification, which declares that this product is capable of functioning within a strict set of guidelines concerning energy conservation, set out by the Environmental Protection Agency.



While admittedly the Panasonic ECONAVI doesn’t come with all of the convenient features we would have liked to see, Panasonic have certainly equipped this unit with an adequate arsenal of functions. First off, use of the Panasonic ECONAVI is made simple with the inclusion of an auto setting, which allows the device to automatically alter its performance to maintain comfortable conditions, whilst saving energy where possible. Further, this product comes with 5 fan speeds, meaning the user is enabled to draw the performance they need out of their device, when they need it. The inclusion of fan speeds is also beneficial for product efficiency, as the user may operate their device on a lower speed when full power in not necessary. Finally, with this unit’s sleek and stylish remote control, this air conditioning system is remarkably user-friendly, and is easily understood and adapted to.



The Panasonic ECONAVI’s indoor air handler weighs a manageable 20lbs, however with the outdoor condenser weighing 82lbs, the whole system is quite heavy. With regard to noise pollution, this split system’s air handler will register at 20dB on a low setting, and 42dB at high setting. The outdoor unit on the other hand, will register at approximately 48dB. Taking into account the average human conversation, which generally registers at about 60dB, this system is remarkably quiet, and so you needn’t worry about excessive noise pollution. Further, the Panasonic ECONAVI will also help make the air your breathe that bit healthier, with the inclusion of a washable anti-microbial filter in the product’s final design. Finally, this system does feature a 24-hour programmable timer, which we strongly encourage our readers to use, as, when utilised correctly, this feature can drastically boost both the convenience and efficiency of your device.



Help & Support

Unfortunately, there was no warranty related information available to us at the time of this review, therefore, we recommend contacting Panasonic directly via their customer service channels, which include email, online contact form, telephone, and through their various social media presences. Panasonic also supply numerous useful resources through their website including downloadable user documents, and in-depth FAQs.



To sum up the Panasonic ECONAVI, this unit combines moderate convenience, with above-average efficiency, to deliver and maintain a comfortable environment for its user. The only issue that we would raise with this unit is the lack of relevant warranty information available. Therefore, while we recommend this unit to anyone whose living space matches the recommend space for this product, we also strongly advise contacting Panasonic before committing to a purchase, with any warranty related questions you might have.