NewAir AC-10100E Air Conditioner

Last Updated: April 8, 2021

Our team of air conditioning experts put the NewAir AC-10100E to the test, to see how it measures up when compared to other units on the market. Check out our full review for more.

by AC Rated

Founded in 2002, NewAir are one of the youngest air conditioner manufacturers we have reviewed at Air Conditioners Rated. With this taken into consideration, it really is quite remarkable how far they’ve come, to be recognised as one of the premier brands in the industry, producing several memorable and efficient products over the years. Today we are going to be reviewing the NewAir AC-10100E portable air conditioner. A unit that punches above its weight, when you see the NewAir AC-10100E you’ll struggle to believe the immense impact it can have on a room. Read our full review below for more information.


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NewAir AC-10100E Air Conditioner

Retailing for about $394.36, this unit is by no means cheap. However, having tested this device ourselves, we can vouch that it’s worth every penny. Few units of this size can put out as much of a performance as the NewAir AC-10100E. Blowing us away with the impact it had on a 300 ft. room, we must say, that although NewAir may be relatively new to the industry, it does not show one bit. Continue reading for full details.


Cooling Performance

With an impressive 10,000 BTUs of cooling power, you can rest assured that this unit will effectively banish the heat from your living space. Catering to an estimated area of up to 325 square feet, the NewAir AC-10100E is suitable for a medium sized space in a typical family home. Boasting a maximum airflow of 218 cubic feet per minute, this unit will remove 50.64 pints of moisture from the air per day. With figures like these, you cannot go wrong with a NewAir AC-10100E.


Efficiency / Certifications

With such a high cooling output, we had expected the NewAir AC-10100E to suffer from poor-average efficiency related specs. However, with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11, this unit stands well over the industry average of 9.7. Efficient performance can be furthered with the proper use of the 2 fan speeds, by only using the top fan speed when absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, this unit lacks most of the certifications that we would usually look for in a unit of this type. Seemingly lacking an Energy Star certification, the NewAir AC-10100E seems to only benefit from the one certification; that being the ETL safety certification.



In the category of convenience, this unit benefits from having a user-friendly full-function remote control, enabling the user to issue commands to the unit from anywhere in the room. Additionally, a built-in 12 hour programmable timer allows the user to input an operational timetable into the device, which is useful if you find yourself out of the house quite often, yet would still prefer to return to a cool and refreshed home. An auto evaporative system enables the unit to carry on with dehumidifying duties, while rarely requiring emptying.

Another feature NewAir have incorporated in the design of this unit is a Sleep Mode. A personal favourite of ours, the Sleep Mode function allows the device to gradually increase temperatures in its environment, while you rest. The purpose of this increase is to save energy, while maintaining a comfortable space. An added perk of this feature is that you needn’t worry about waking to a cold home, due to the air conditioning working through the night.



Weighing 60.5lbs, we advise buyers to seek help when installing this unit. With caster wheels fastened to the bottom of this product, transporting this unit around your home should not prove to be too much of a challenge provided you do not intend to move it up or down stairs.

Functioning at a noise level of 57dB, this unit is not exceptionally loud. However it is one of the loudest portable air conditioning units we have reviewed. For reference, the average human conversation would usually register somewhere around the 60dB mark. While this unit is quite loud for its class, we do allow it some leeway due to its above average BTU output.

The user interface on this product is located on the front-face of the unit, and consists of buttons representing each function. It is relatively user-friendly, if not slightly confusing at first, but we were able to get the hang of it in a short amount of time. The unit itself is relatively basic; slender, with a white finish and a small vent near the top of the unit’s front-face.


Dimensions (Inches):

Width: 12.13″

Depth: 15.13″

Height: 29.75″

Max Window Size: 42″


Help & Support

NewAir customer support representatives are contactable via email, telephone, online message (through their website), or social media. If you don’t think the issue is very serious, there are online user manuals available on the NewAir website, as well as an in-depth FAQs page.

Buyers of this product will avail of a 1-year appliance and compressor warranty. This is slightly below average with regard to the compressor, with several companies such as Frigidaire and Honeywell offering warranties up to 4 or 5 years on compressors.



While a little rough around the edges, we like the NewAir AC-10100E. Yes, it may be a little loud, and lack a few of the certifications we would prefer to see, but for what it is, it is a decent unit. It promises to be a simple air conditioner, and it does just that. Effectively cooling a sizeable area, and putting out an impressive amount of cooling power for its size, we must give credit where it’s due.