Movincool Classic Plus Air Conditioner Review 2020

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Looking for a way to provide intense cooling effects precisely to that one area that needs it most? You need a spot cooler, and we may have just the unit for you. Check it out.

by AC Rated

Spot Coolers are air conditioning units that are capable of precisely applying significant airflow to a specific area of your living environment. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor user, we would recommend units like this for cooling down excessively hot outdoor areas, such as patios or porches. Today our team of experienced HVAC analysts will be reviewing the Movincool Classic Plus 14. While slightly different to most of the other portable air conditioner units we have reviewed at Air Conditioners Rated, we find that for its purpose, the Movincool Classic Plus 14 commercial air conditioner is a formidable option. Check out our review below for more information on the pros and cons of this immensely effective unit.


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Movincool Classic Plus Air Conditioner

With its high energy output and moderate range of convenient features, the Movincool Classic Plus air is ideal for installation in smaller areas that suffer from excessive. The key difference between a spot cooler such as this, and your average run-of-the-mill air conditioner unit, is that this air conditioner provides a more focused, precise area of coverage, allowing the user to apply a large amount of airflow to where it’s needed most. This is especially useful for cooling outdoor spaces, where a regular portable air conditioner would be ineffective.



Cooling Performance

With an impressive 13,200 BTUs of cooling power backing this unit, the Movincool Classic Plus boasts a massive maximum airflow of 880 CFM. This allows the Movincool Classic Plus to quickly and effectively cool the area within which it has been installed.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Energy Efficiency Ratio of a product is a reliable indicator of how efficient a unit is when in operation. This essentially boils down to how much a unit will cost you on your energy bills, so the higher the score in this regard, the better. To give our readers an idea of where this unit stands in the overall EER scale, the industry average score stands at approximately 9.7, with any units that score over 10 being considered to be highly efficient. Therefore, we can guarantee that this unit will perform to quite a high standard, with an EER of 10.2, and power consumption of 1.3kW.

When it comes to certifications, the Movincool Classic Plus 14 is UL-listed, which means that this unit has passed safety-related assessments carried out by Underwriters Laboratories, a third party organisation that is known and trusted throughout the HVAC industry.

Power Consumption 1.3kW / EER 10.2 / UL-Listed


Convenience & Design

166lbs – 197lbs shipping weight / 5 gal. condensate tank capacity / Electronic Thermostat Control / Programmable Control Panel / 10 ft. Power Cord / Max. Sound Levels with condenser – high/low 57/55 dB without condenser – high/low 60/58 dB / Automatic Shut-Off / Adjustable Speed Control / Fan Mode Switch / Auto Restart / Condensation overflow control

Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 41″

Width: 19″

Depth: 26″


Help & Support

In the unlikely scenario of you encountering an issue with your spot cooler, Movincool customer service representatives are contactable via telephone, email, fax, and web-form located in a “contact us” page on the company’s official website. Additionally, an extensive FAQs is also accessible through the customer support section of the site.

It would seem that unfortunately, there is no warranty information available regarding this product. Therefore, we recommend that buyers with any questions regarding warranty policies contact Movincool directly.



With a respectable range of convenient features, the Movincool Classic Plus provides an efficient and user-friendly solution to excessively high temperatures in small spaces. As is the nature of spot coolers, the Movincool Classic Plus is best suited for covering precise areas with immensely powerful airflow. However, if you seek to evenly cool an entire room, we suggest considering an average air conditioner. Because of its sheer strength of airflow, we believe the Movincool Classic Plus to be easily capable of beating back heat in outdoor areas such as patios or porches.