Mitsubishi MZ-GL09NA Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

Check out our team’s review of the Mitsubishi MZ-GL09NA ductless mini split air conditioning system. Ideal for medium sized living spaces, this ultra-efficient unit is a fantastic addition to any modern living space.

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The Mitsubishi MZ-GL09NA split air conditioner sits comfortably in the middle of the market when compared to other similar units available. While it may not come boasting a range of convenient features to rival some of its competition, the asking price of this unit more than compensates for what this system may be lacking. Furthermore, this unit is incredibly efficient, meaning operation of this device will cost very little, making the Mitsubishi MZ-GL09NA a fantastic choice if you’re working with a tight budget. Check out our in-depth buyer’s guide below for more information.


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Mitsubishi MZ-GL09NA Air Conditioner Review

The ductless mini split air conditioning system provides an innovative solution for providing cooling to your living environment in the depths of the sweltering Summer months. Unlike the portable air conditioner, or the window-mount, the ductless mini split is a permanent fixture. That being said, installation of this type of system is a lot more convenient than its ducted counterparts. This is because the ductless mini split model consists of two units, the outdoor condenser, and the indoor air handler, connected only by wires and refrigerant tubing. That being said, it is still highly recommend that you hire a qualified professional to carry out installation of your ductless mini split, as this minimises risk of the job being completed incorrectly, not to mention the fact that by failing to hire a professional for carrying out installation, you may forfeit your warranty coverage.


Cooling Performance

With a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTUs, this middle-market unit is ideal for installation in residential spaces of up to 500 square feet. We always advise our readers to select a unit with a range that resembles their own living space as closely as possible. This helps to ensure maximised efficiency, and effectiveness. Contrary to popular belief, it is not beneficial to install a unit that is too powerful for a room, as this will interfere with the dehumidifying services provided by some units.


Efficiency / Certifications

A reliable indicator of a unit’s efficiency is its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), or similarly, its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Fortunately, in the case of the Mitsubishi MZ-GL09NA, these figures are exceptionally high, with the unit scoring a SEER rating of 24.6, and an EER of 15.4, which is a phenomenal score as anyone familiar with air conditioners will testify. For context, the industry’s average EER stands at approximately 9.7, with any unit scoring over 10 being considered to be highly efficient. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that this unit is Energy Star certified, which essentially means that this product functions within a strict set of guidelines regarding energy consumption, published by the Environmental Protection Agency. Finally, efficient performance is further encouraged by the inclusion of 5 fan speeds, which allow the user to operate their air conditioner on a lower setting when full-powered operation is not required.



As is usually the case with Mitsubishi units, the exterior condenser is built to a high level of weather resistance, and it is this robust build that you will be relying upon when putting your Mitsubishi MZ-GL09NA to use. Another incredibly useful addition to this device is its 24-hour programmable timer, which when utilised properly, allows the user to program times of operation into their unit, which can be scheduled around your daily routine. A major advantage to selecting this unit for your home is that it is also very quiet. With an indoor decibel rating of 19-43dB (depending on current fan speed), and an outdoor noise level of 48dB, you needn’t worry about disturbing your neighbours or guests with a loud, intrusive air conditioner. Simply for a frame of reference, consider that the average human conversation registers at approximately 60dB, while a whisper will usually measure at somewhere around 20dB. Finally, this unit benefits immensely from the inclusion of a washable anti-allergy enzyme filter.



Help & Support

This being a Mitsubishi air conditioner, the MZ-GL09NA fortunately benefits from their generous warranty coverage plan, which covers the compressor for 7-years, and other parts for 5 years. Note that in order to avail of this warranty coverage, you must register your air conditioner with the manufacturer, and have proof of proper installation. Therefore, do not attempt to carry installation without hiring a contractor.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi supplies users with an extensive customer service network. Should you come across a problem with your Mitsubishi MZ-GL09NA, attentive customer service representatives can be reached via email, telephone, live chat, online contact forms, and through the company’s various social media presences. In addition to this, several informative resources are made available to the user on Mitsubishi’s official website, including in-depth FAQs, as well as a service locator, and downloadable user manuals.



Lacking many of the convenient features we would have enjoyed seeing in a unit of this type, the Mitsubishi MZ-GL09NA certainly makes up for its flaws in sheer efficiency. If you intend to purchase an air conditioning unit that will be used heavily and frequently, we strongly advise you consider investing in a highly efficient unit such as this. This will save you a considerable sum of money over time.