LG LW1016ER Air Conditioner Review 2020

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

In the market for a powerful middle-range air conditioner unit? Check out our LG LW1016ER review to see if this appliance is for you!

by AC Rated

Few corporations can realistically hope to become as established as LG. One of the largest electronic appliance manufacturers in the world, this South Korean manufacturer have reaffirmed their high standards of appliance quality time-after-time with each addition they have made to their expanding catalogues. One of the most reliable brands we have reviewed, LG also boasts an extraordinarily wide catalogue of appliances. Stretching from televisions, to refrigerators, to phones, and to air conditioners, for one brand to succeed in manufacturing such a large range of electronic appliances is truly impressive. Today our team of analysts will be discussing the LG LW1016ER window air conditioner, to see how it compares to its sibling devices in the LG catalogues. Check out our review below for more details.


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LG LW1016ER Air Conditioner Review


Retailing for various prices circling in-and-around $300, the LG LW1016ER window-mounted air conditioning unit with a great deal of cooling power under the bonnet. While it may seem pricey to those new to the air conditioning industry, take it from us, this unit is worth the price-tag, and arguably even more. With high-performance figures, and some tacked-on convenient features, this unit is highly effective in its suggested range. Our team enjoyed the LG LW1016ER, as it is truly an all-rounder, quietly excelling in almost every regard. Continue reading below for our full review.


Cooling Performance

Boasting 10,000 BTUs of raw cooling power, the LG LW1016ER is suitable for installation in living spaces of up to 450 square feet. Additionally, this unit is also capable of removing up to 2.7 pints of moisture from the air each hour, allowing it to double as an effective dehumidifier. Finally, with a maximum airflow of 280CFM, the LG LW1016ER excels at air circulation, which is useful for freshening up a room.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of a unit is an adequate indicator of how efficiently it will operate. With the industry average standing at 9.7, any product that scores an EER of over 10 is considered to be highly efficient. Taking this into consideration, the LG LW1016ER is an exceptionally efficient unit, scoring an EER of 12.1. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this unit comes Energy Star certified. The Energy Star certification declares that this unit adheres to a set of regulations regarding energy consumption, set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. In order to receive such a certification, the appliance must also outperform a percentage of the units on the market. Efficient operation is further encouraged with the inclusion of 3 fan speeds. This means that the user is enabled to operate their device on the lowest necessary speed, which can save you quite a sum of cash in the long-term.

The LG LW1016ER also benefits from being UL-Listed. This UL-Listing is easily one of the most important certifications we look for when reviewing home air conditioning units. What this essentially states is that the unit in question was assessed by the industry-renowned experts at Underwriters Laboratories. Having passed said assessments, this device is therefore verified to be safe for public use.



Sticking to LG’s longstanding tradition of producing user-friendly products, the LG LW1016ER has a wireless remote control. This feature is often taken for granted, however there are several units on the market that omit this feature, and it must be noted that the remote is certainly missed. In addition to being able to control your appliance from anywhere in the room, this device has a built-in 24-hour programmable timer. This allows the user to input an operational schedule for their unit to follow. This is exceptionally convenient for those of us who find our selves frequently returning home to a clammy and overheated living space after work. Now your appliance can be programmed to begin functioning before you arrive, allowing you to return to a refreshed living space.

Additional features of this device that we found to be convenient include the Auto Restart capability, and the Energy Saver function. Auto Restart essentially allows the device to automatically reboot itself following a power outage. Without this feature, if you are away when power is cut to your home, the device will cease functioning until you return to manually restart the device. The consequence of this is that you will be forced to return to a home that is overheated due to the AC being out of function for an extended period of time. Energy Saver mode allows the device to function on decreased operational capacities to save energy and cut costs on your bills. This is usually achieved by the unit periodically powering-off and back on when necessary.



With a net weight of 74lbs (Shipping weight: 83lbs), this unit is certainly not considered to be “light”. Thus, we recommend that any buyers do not attempt to transport or install this device without assistance as a precaution.

With a noise level of 52 dBA (Indoor), this unit is quieter than many of its competitors. For reference, the average human conversation registers at approximately 60dB. Therefore, this unit operates at a manageable volume for the typical living room.

4-Way directional air louvers allow for a more even spread of cooled air across a living space, making this unit more efficient and beneficial for everyone in the room.

The LG LW1016ER uses a washable filter, which we advise washing as often as the instructions suggest, as a clogged filter will result in dramatically less efficient performance. This filter is accessible via a Slide In-Out chassis.


Dimensions (Inches):

Height: 15″

Width: 23 5/8″

Depth:  22 3/16″

Window Opening Height (Max/Min): 39″ / 16″

Window Opening Width (Max/Min): 39″ / 27″


Help & Support

As an LG product, buyers of this device can rest assured in the knowledge that they are eligible to avail of LG’s refined customer service infrastructure. This includes a wealth of online resources on the company’s website, such as downloadable user manuals, tutorial videos, FAQs, a troubleshooter, and more. Additionally, should you require more help, LG representatives can be contacted via telephone, email, social media, or live chat. Such an extensive range of customer services is certainly a sizeable advantage for the LG LW1016ER.

Finally, this unit is backed by LG’s 1-year parts and labour limited warranty. For more information we recommend contacting LG directly prior to purchasing this device.



In summary, our team unanimously agreed that this unit is a fantastic choice of air conditioner for living spaces of up to approximately 450 square feet. For the price of the product, the customer is really getting bang for their buck with this one. Once again, LG have proven their dedication to quality and reliability with this addition to their catalogue of home air conditioners. If we were to pick issues with this unit, we would have liked more modes of operation included in the final design, such as sleep mode. However, once again it bears repeating that for the price-tag, this unit is certainly packed with all the features we could realistically hope for.