LG Electronics LP1414GXR Air Conditioner Review

Last Updated: July 1, 2019

Don’t be fooled by the sleek, subtle appearance of the LG Electronics LP1414GXR. This is a powerhouse of a portable AC. Situated at the more expensive end of the portable aircon market, the LP1414GXR delivers major ‘bang for buck’ cooling power.

by AC Rated
LG LP1414GXR Air Conditioner Review - Image Source: LG Electronics

LG Electronics has a well established brand reputation, so assessing one of its units, particularly a popular seller such as the LG LP1414GXR, is a fantastic opportunity to illustrate how the leading brands excel across a range of criteria. We tested the LG Electronics LP1414GXR portable air conditioner across a range of criteria, including performance, efficiency, safety certification, customer support, convenience and design to establish how well it holds up LG’s market-leading reputation.


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LG LP1414GXR – ‘bang for buck’ power & efficiency

To kick off this review, it should be pointed out that the LG Electronics LP1414GXR retails for around $500. This may strike some as excessive for even the best portable air conditioner systems, but in our assessment, it is definitely worth the asking price.


Cooling Performance

The LG LP1414GXR offers an impressive 14,000 BTU—far in excess of the BTU of most portable AC units—and reaches a suggested cooling area of approximately 500-550 square feet. If we were to measure portable air conditioners based on strength alone, the LG Electronics LP1414GXR is already a knock-out.


Efficiency & Certifications

Scoring an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 10.1, this unit would be considered efficient. Based on the fact that the average unit would score 9.7, and anything above 10.0 would be considered efficient.

However, as the LG Electronics LP1414GXR is a single-hose model, it runs less efficiently than a dual-hose model. This is due to the fact that dual-hose models do not use cooled indoor air to cool down their compressor mechanism. On balance, though, the LG Electronics LP1414GXR’s high EER more than makes up for the downsides of single-hose operation.

The LG Electronics LP1414GXR also has a 24 programmable hour timer, allowing for it to be used more efficiently than an appliance without this function.



Operating surprisingly quietly at 58 decibels (which is comparable to the the level of quiet human conversation), we were definitely impressed, as we had expected an AC unit this powerful to be much louder. The low dBA is a definite plus.

Easy-roll caster wheels allow for greater mobility of the machine, which is an obvious point in its favour when considering the value and utility of portable AC units. A window installation kit, and full function remote is also provided with the product.



From an aesthetic point of view, the LG Electronics LP1414GXR is one of the most attractive AC units we have critiqued. Sleek, graphite grey and matte black, this product is the vision of excellence. Its mere appearance conveys an image of high-tech innovation.

However, the LG Electronics LP1414GXR is much more than a pretty face, and triumphs just as convincingly in the area of functionality. While its 71.7lbs is quite hefty, this weight is offset by the ease of movement due to its quality easy-roll caster wheels.


Help & Support

The LG Electronics customer support service is one of the most extensive and useful support networks in the air conditioning sector. LG reps are contactable via email, phone, and mail.

Dialogue can also be opened via the manufacturer’s well maintained multiplicity of social media platforms. In addition, the LG Electronics website also contains a community help forum, where product owners can share advice, tips and user experiences. The LG brand’s global standing all but guarantees that, regardless of your location, there there will be a local professional capable of servicing your product.

The LG Electronics LP1414GXR also comes with a one year warranty.



With all aspects of this device considered, our team unanimously agrees that the LG LP1414GXR is, for only a slightly elevator price, far and away one of the best portable units we have reviewed. We would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to cool a medium – large sized room.