Idylis AC-2118 Air Purifier Review 2019

Last Updated: January 1, 2019

With its seamless blend of traditional air filtration technology and more modern purification innovations, the Idylis AC-2118 Air Purifier is just the job if you’re looking for a purifier that is as efficient as it is sleek and beautiful to look at.

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idylis ac-2118

Retailing at $249, the Idylis AC-2118 air purifier combines traditional air filtration technology with more modern air purification innovations. If it’s a sleek finish and above average performance you’re looking for, we might have just the product.


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Idylis AC-2118 Air Purifier – the best of both worlds

Our reviews team assessed this Idylis air purifier across a range of criteria, including performance, energy-efficiency, design, convenience and customer support, and we’ve laid out our findings for you to follow in this buyers guide to the Idylis AC-2118. We have found the Idylis AC-2118 to offer the best of both worlds, with a sleekly attractive design that does not compromise on the unit’s power and energy-efficiency.


Cleaning Capabilities

The Idylis AC-2118 is ideal for large living spaces, as it can effectively filter an area up to 465 square feet. While a larger area will undoubtedly diminish this product’s effectiveness, 465 square feet is a decent sized area, so already, the Idylis AC-2118 is delivering bang-for-buck value.

The AC-2118 also has relatively high Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR) scores. While not the highest scores we have come across in our reviews, Idylis’ product is decent enough, and definitely makes up in other areas for any CADR shortcomings.

  • Smoke: 300
  • Dust: 300
  • Pollen: 300

This purifier undergoes a little over four air changes per hour—in other words, all of the air in the room where the unit is placed will pass through the AC-2118 filtration system once every 15 minutes approximately. This air-change frequency may make it suitable for people who suffer from allergies or breathing-related illnesses.

The AC-2118 has a two-stage filtration system: a carbon pre-filter captures larger debris particles, such as dust and hair; and a HEPA filter catches small particulates. The pre-filter while prolong the life of the HEPA filter by shielding it from the larger particles.


Efficiency & Certifications

One notable aspect of the Idylis AC-2118 is that it includes an auto mode, which allows the purifier to sense air quality, and adjust its own settings for maximum purification effectiveness.

The Idylis AC-2118 also has a sleep mode, enabling it to function on minimal capacity to ensure your sleep is undisturbed. The unit continues cleaning the air, but at a lower noise level, and the dimming of its lights ensures that more energy is saved.

With so many settings and an LCD touchscreen, it’s surprising to find that the Idylis AC-2118 does not consume significant levels of power. Indeed, the unit draws only up to 78 watts, which is significantly less than other similar purifiers on the market.

This purifier is Energy Star-verified, so its energy consumption meets a number of strict energy regulation. Its other certifications include AHAM verification of its CADR scores, and ARB certification, which testifies that the unit does not damage air quality.



Weighing 18.58lbs, the Idylis AC-2118 is relatively heavy by purifier standards, and it has no handles to aid mobility, so moving it around can be difficult. It is also noticeably large when compared to other purifiers, so you may struggle to store it when not in use.

On its highest setting, the AC-2118 produces an average noise level of 60 decibels. As a frame of reference, a whisper would register about 30dB. This means that running the AC-2118 during the day will not disturb you too much. If this noise level sounds off-putting, remember the sleep mode that decreases the noise output of the device.

This purifier also has one of the most advanced operational timers that we have reviewed. Running times of up to eight hours can be scheduled, and the user can specify on which days of the week the unit will run.

A remote control is also included with this unit, and the built-in filter monitor the user when the HEPA filter requires a replacement. This is very important to maintain maximum effectiveness.



The Idylis AC-2118 is easily one of the most attractive air purifiers we have come across in our reviews, with its smooth, sleek and ultra-modern exterior and LCD touchscreen announcing a particularly advanced device.

On the other hand, the lack of handles will present problems with moving the unit from room to room. It’s one of the larger purifiers that we have review and is relatively heavy. Therefore, the lack of carrying handles is an oversight that is worth bearing in mind when choosing your purifier.

With that said, our reviews team have agree that the overall design values of the appliance are particularly standout.


Help & Support

Idylis is a subsidiary brand of Lowe’s, and so one of the advantages of this is that purchasers of Idylis products have all of the benefits of Lowe’s customer support. The Idylis AC-2118 has a massive five-year warranty, one of the largest in the industry. In addition, there is also an online user manual on the Lowe’s website, in addition to an FAQs section that helps you to troubleshoot any possible snags prior to contacting customer support. Representatives are available to chat to customers via live chat, phone and email.



In conclusion, we loved this product. Evidently crafted to be visually attractive, while also maintaining an above average performance, the Idylis AC-2118 gives the user the best of both worlds.

The added features such as the remote control, the programmable timer, and sleep mode make all the difference. We would definitely recommend this product as a decent all-rounder.


idylis ac-2118

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