Honeywell CO25AE Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

Dreading the dry, hot Summer months? Check out the Honeywell CO25AE air cooler, perfect for re-establishing a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

by AC Rated

Honeywell have established themselves as one of the premier brands of the HVAC market. Providing us with countless top-quality units through the years. Competitive, versatile, and committed to manufacturing appliances with robust design and efficient performance in mind, there is no doubt that Honeywell has fairly earned the industry renown that they currently enjoy. Today our team of air conditioner analysts will be taking a look at the Honeywell CO25AE portable air conditioning unit, to see whether this unit upholds the legacy of the Honeywell brand. Continue reading for our full outdoor air conditioner review below.


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Honeywell C025AE Air Cooler


Retailing for about $299.99, the Honeywell CO25AE air cooler is designed to beat back those dry desert Summer conditions. Most effective in areas suffering from humidity levels of 60% or under, this cooler / humidifier is capable of quickly establishing a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones. Why fight low humidity? Studies have shown low humidity levels to dry out eyes, skin, and the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, the result of which is the individual will become highly at risk of infections such as cold and flu. To save yourself the discomfort this Summer, check our Honeywell CO25AE below if you’re interested in finding out if this unit is suitable for you.


Cooling Performance

The Honeywell CO25AE air cooler is the perfect solution for combating dry, desert air suffering from low humidity. Recommended for environments with humidity levels of 60% or below, this air cooler / humidifier is capable of providing comfortable air conditions in a space of up to 200 square feet. We advise placing this unit near an open door or window for effective indoor performance. For outdoor use, this unit is adequately weather resistant and UV protected, with an impressive 9.3 yard air-throw. Finally, with Honeywell’s Honeycomb cooling media and 500CFM airflow, the user can successfully achieve optimum cooling effects with ease.

Note: The Honeywell CO25AE is designed for use in hot climates with low humidity, for more humid conditions we advise purchasing a portable air conditioner, or window-mounted air conditioner.  


Efficiency / Certifications

With a low power consumption of 235 watts, this unit will effectively save you money on upkeep bills, which is always a great advantage for any home HVAC appliance.

An interesting feature of this device that will indirectly further efficient performance is its capability to automatically alternate between low, medium, and high speeds in order to mimic a natural breeze. By not functioning at full capacity non-stop, energy is saved, and so upkeep bills are kept to a manageable level, while user comfort is still maintained.

Unfortunately, there was no information available to our team regarding any certifications or listings regarding this device at the time of this review.



With a full-functon wireless remote included with this product, users may operate their Honeywell C025AE air cooler from anywhere in the room. This feature is never more appreciated than on those hot Summer days, where having to disrupt your daily routine to manually operate your unit is most irritating.

Additionally, the CO25AE comes with a built-in 7.5 timer, allowing for a more tailored experience, allowing the user to dictate when their unit operates within a reasonable time period.

While technically a design feature, this unit’s 6 ft. power cord with a NEMA 5-15P 3-prong plug adds another layer of convenience to this device, allowing for more optional locations of installation due to its sheer length.



A favourite feature of ours at Air Conditioners Rated, the Honeywell CO25AE benefits from built-in oscillating air louvers, which allow for a more even distribution of cooling around your living space. We find that relatively few units on the market have this feature, and can promise that it makes all the difference in quickly establishing a more comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

Weighing 25.80lbs, this unit is not exceptionally heavy, however it can prove too heavy for some. For this reason, we recommend that users seek assistance when transporting / installing this unit. However, once installation is complete, moving this unit about the house could not be easier, with easy-roll casters fastened to the product’s bottom face, and side handles.

Thanks to this unit’s top-loading ice compartment with a 6.6 gallon water tank, once installation is complete, all you need do is add water / ice for humidifying purposes, and go. A built-in low water alarm will also notify you when the tank needs topping up, which is an essential feature in preventing damage to your device. As per usual, this Honeywell device is designed for user convenience, with an easily understandable LED control panel, making operation of this device a breeze.


Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 33.3″

Width: 18.9″

Depth: 14.6″


Help & Support

Should you encounter problems with your unit, Honeywell maintains a refined customer service infrastructure on their official company website, providing users with an extensive FAQs section, downloadable user manuals, tutorial videos, and more. If these resources do not solve the issue with your device, experienced customer service representatives are contactable via email, telephone, various social media presences, and an exceptionally helpful live chat.

Backed by Honeywell’s 1-year parts and labour warranty, you can enjoy use of your Honeywell CO25AE home air cooler in the knowledge that you are covered in the case of any manufacturer errors. For more information on Honeywell’s warranty policies, we recommend contacting the company directly at your earliest convenience.



To sum up our review of the Honeywell CO25AE, we must say the verdict is resoundingly positive. We found this unit to be exceptionally effective at establishing a comfortable living environment in otherwise hot and dry conditions. Our only issue with this product is its lack of certifications, forcing us to rely heavily on Honeywell’s engineering. With many other brands, this would be a serious cause of concern, however due to Honeywell’s vast knowledge in their technology, and pool of expert employed designers, we wouldn’t worry too much about this. Nonetheless, we would have liked at least a few certifications.

With a range of convenient features, operating this device is quick and painless. Considering the unit’s physical design, the Honeywell CO25AE has been optimised for enhanced portability, as moving this unit from room to room could not be easier. If you seek an air cooler that will beat back the dry Summer air, from a highly respected brand, the Honeywell CO25AE is certainly one for you to consider.