Honeywell 1540 Air Conditioners 2020

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

Are your Summer’s dry and hot? Do you wish you could push back uncomfortable conditions and breathe some life into the Summer months? Well say no more, because the Honeywell 1540 may be just the solution for you. Check out our full review for more details.

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One of the most respected brands on the market, Honeywell have forged a reputation for producing top-quality HVAC appliances through the years. In fact, few brands out there can honestly state that they have enjoyed the same level of brand recognition as Honeywell. Today, we will be reviewing one of their evaporative coolers, or ‘swamp’ coolers; The Honeywell 1540. Essentially, all you need to know about this unit is that it cools spaces by evaporating water, without dealing with refrigerants like a traditional air conditioning unit would. This means that instead of removing moisture from the air as many other AC products on the market might, this unit actually humidifies the air, making this type of HVAC appliance ideal for hot and arid climates. Other benefits of selecting an evaporative cooler include them being much more efficient than traditional air conditioners, and capable of functioning quite well as an outdoor air conditioner. If any of this sounds like it may be of interest to you, we invite you to check out our full Honeywell 1540 review below for more details.


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Honeywell 1540 Air Conditioner

Cooling Performance

With a maximum airflow of up to 1072 cubic feet per minute, the Honeywell 1540 evaporative cooler is capable of servicing a large area of up to 850 square feet. With an air throw of up to 12 yards, this unit is quite effective at providing outdoor spot cooling for those hot Summer afternoons in the garden.


Efficiency & Certifications

While there were no energy related certifications awarded to this unit at the time of this review, the Honeywell 1540’s low 220-Watt power consumption makes it a highly efficient choice, consuming far less energy than its traditional air conditioner counterpart. We recommend this unit for installation in indoor or outdoor spaces where humidity is at 60% or less, for best results.



With automatically oscillating Air Louvers, the Honeywell 1540 is enabled to provide the user with a far more evenly distribution of cooled air. This means that the cooling effects of the unit are felt far quicker, and in more areas of the room. Further, with the inclusion of 3 fan speeds of differing intensity, the user is able to draw the performance they require from  their product, without wasting energy on excessive performance when high fan speed is not necessary.



With a 6 foot power cord length, the number of possible installation locations in the home are increased. Further, weighing approximately 41.50lbs, this unit is easily moved around the home, standing on four easy-roll caster wheels. Regarding holding capacities, the Honeywell 1540 boasts an impressive 15.9 Gal. water tank, backed up by a top-loading ice compartment. For use outdoors, this unit is both UV protected, and weather resistant. Finally, the controls on this device are easily understood, allowing the user to begin operating their Honeywell 1540 straight out of the box.

Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 40″

Width: 27.6″

Depth: 18.3″


Help & Support

The Honeywell 1540 is covered by a standard 1-year parts and labour limited warranty. In the unlikely scenario that you should encounter an issue with your unit, Honeywell’s experienced customer service representatives may be contacted through email, telephone, or a convenient live chat option on their website. Additional resources provided include an extensive FAQs section, alongside downloadable user manuals, all located on the manufacturer’s official website.



Wrapping up our Honeywell 1540 review, we can safely conclude that this appliance is both highly effective, and convenient to use. Befitting a manufacturer of Honeywell’s standard, the Honeywell 1540 does not disappoint, and gets the job done. In the interest of fairness, we will admit that we would have enjoyed a longer warranty coverage period, however this is a minor critique, and one that is easily forgiven when this units various strengths are taken into consideration.