Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A Air Purifier Review 2019

Last Updated: January 1, 2019

The Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A is the lightest air purifier that we have reviewed, so if portability is paramount to you, read our full review for full details of this product.

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If portability is your main priority with your air purifier, we would recommend that you consider this unit. This is our Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A Review.


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Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A 2019

The Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A is an unusual air purifier. As you will see below, it does not carry with it the certifications we would usually expect with a purifier, however, its portability and sheer convenience may be enough to allay your doubts about this product. Read our full review for more details.


Cooling Capabilities

With quite poor CADR scores, the Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A, Heaven fresh has stated that this unit is capable of effectively cleaning the air in rooms up to 430 square feet. However, note that according to AHAM’s formula, this particular purifier effectively cleans air in rooms up to 256 square feet, so be prepared for this unit not being fully capable of functioning to Heaven Fresh’s estimates.

The Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A uses a five-stage filtration system. This includes a HEPA filter, designed to capture small particulates in the air. This unit also has a Carbon filter, a TiO2 filter, an ioniser, and a UV light method. The Carbon filter reduces strong odours, while the TiO2 filters purpose, is to be activated by UV light, to destroy organic pollutants (mould, bacteria, etc.). The ioniser, a continuously polarising piece of technology due to its potential side effects, charges air passing through the unit, to aid in air recapture during the next pass-through. Finally, the air is pushed through UV light in an attempt to purify the particles.

There are two issues with this filtration system, one being the ioniser, which has been criticised for leaving traces of Ozone in a living space, with some believing ionisers to be unnecessary in air purifiers. The second issue, is the UV purification system. While not harmful to the user, this method is simply ineffective. While UV purification is a common method of sterilisation in the science community, in order for this to be effective, the object of sterilisation must be exposed to the rays for a prolonged period of time. Due to the high speed at which air is filtered through this unit, the particles are not exposed to the UV rays even nearly long enough for the desired effect. As a result of this, the NaturoPure suffers from an underwhelming CADR score.

However, the Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A does go through 2.70 air changes per hour, meaning all of the air in the room passes through the device 2.70 times an hour.

Here are the NaturoPure HF 310A’s CADR figures:

  • Smoke: 165
  • Dust: 165
  • Pollen: 165


Efficiency & Certifications

One significant drawback to this product is its lack of certifications. In fact, the NaturoPure HF 310A lacks all of the certifications that we would usually look for. This product is not certified by AHAM, UL, ARB, or Energy Star. This means that there is a possibility that this unit does not meet industry standard on safety, effect on air quality, testing methods, or energy efficiency.

While this unit may not be certified, it does however avail of sleep and auto modes. The former being the purifier can slow its fan to a speed that won’t create much noise while you sleep. The latter meaning that the NaturoPure can detect pollutants in the air, and adjust itself automatically to clean the air efficiently.

This purifier benefits from a generous three year warranty, contact Heaven Fresh for more information on their warranty policies.



As mentioned above, the auto and sleep functions lend themselves quite well to the convenience of this device, however, the NaturoPure does not have a remote, which would have enhanced the convenience of the product greatly.

The most convenient aspect of this product in our opinion, is its small size. This unit is possibly the smallest unit we have reviewed, making it incredibly easy to move about your home. Weighing only 13.16lbs, it is exceptionally light compared to other purifiers, and will only ever reach a decibel rating of 55.1dB, less than your average conversation.



While the NaturoPure HF 310A does not have handles, something we would often criticise, in this case they are not needed. The NaturoPure makes up for lack of handles, or any kind of transport-aiding design features, simply by being so light. Handles are not necessary to move this unit.

From an aesthetic point of view, the NaturoPure is not the most elegant looking of the purifiers we have reviewed. While the visual aspect of an air purifier is not an integral part of what makes a good product, if you are seeking an elegant unit, the NaturoPure may not be for you.


Help & Support

Heaven Fresh offers great customer support, with contact details available on their website. They can be contacted via phone, email, or you can meet a representative on live chat. On top of this, there is an additional FAQs page, for those who may have more basic issues that can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, saving you the trouble of having to contact the company directly.



In summary, the Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A is far from the perfect unit. With no certifications, and an incredibly poor CADR as a result of a sub-optimal filtration system, its hard to defend this product. However, there are a few saving graces, such as considerable portability, and the inclusion of sleep and auto functions.


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