Goodman ARUF30B14 Air Conditioner 2019

Last Updated: July 1, 2019

The air conditioner market can be confusing at times,

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Our team of experienced air conditioner analysts review the Goodman ARUF30B14, bringing you all the information you need to know about this exceptional air conditioning system. Analysing the product under a range of criteria such as efficiency, design, and performance, allow us to guide you through the process of selecting a new central air conditioner for your home, so you and your loved ones can welcome the Summer in comfort.


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Goodman ARUF30B14 Air Conditioner


Cooling Performance

A 2.5 ton central air conditioning unit, the Goodman ARUF30B14 is capable of providing the user with up to 30,000 BTUs of sheer cooling power. This formidable cooling output makes the Goodman ARUF30B14 the perfect solution for providing cooling to larger residential spaces, or alternatively similarly sized commercial spaces.


Efficiency & Certifications

Unfortunately, our team were unable to uncover details regarding this specific unit’s efficiency ratings, which is unfortunate. However, benefitting from an ETL certification, this unit does match all of the requirements and regulations to be deemed suitable for retail on the north American market, which means that this unit is reasonably efficient. Additionally, with an AHRI performance certification, the user may rest assured that their air conditioner will perform as promised by its published specifications.


Convenience & Design

An all-aluminium evaporator coil and galvanised leather grain-embossed finish fortify the Goodman ARUF30B14 against the elements, supported by Goodman’s SmartFrame™ cabinet for added support. The result of these design features is a system that can be relied upon to stand firm against outdoor hazards, further guaranteeing consistent and resilient performance in the face of unprecedented weather conditions.

Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 45″

Width: 17 1/2″

Depth: 21″

Weight: 103lbs


Help & Support

As a Goodman central air conditioner, buyers of the Goodman ARUF30B14 will benefit from Goodman’s generous 10-years parts limited warranty. Additionally, in the unlikely scenario that you should encounter any issues with this air conditioning system, the manufacturer has made sure to provide their buyers with a range of helpful online resources, such as extensive FAQs, downloadable user documents, and a dealer locator. Should problems persist, the user may benefit from experienced customer service representatives contactable via online contact form, telephone, or email.



If its a reliable central air conditioner that you seek, there is likely a unit for you among Goodman’s ever-expanding range of air conditioning units. As stated above, it is strongly advised that you obtain accurate and up-to-date measurements of your property, and consult a specialist, in order to determine what calibre of air conditioner would best suit your space. Should it be determined that the Goodman ARUF30B14 provides adequate cooling force to cater to your property, we advised considering this unit for immediate installation by a trained professional. Few units on the market boast the sheer number of reliable design features that will fortify this unit against the elements, providing you with consistent and reliable performance, year-round.