Global Industrial Portable Air Conditioner Review 2020

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Often overlooked by browsers of the market, the spot cooler is a reliable way to provide intense cooling to a very small, yet precise area. Check out our review of the Global Industrial 2.5 Ton unit to see more…

by AC Rated

If you seek an air conditioning unit for commercial use, check out the Global Industrial portable 2.5 ton air conditioner. A particularly interesting feature of this unit is its capability to serve as both spot cooler and commercial air conditioner. Excelling at providing cooling for server rooms, laboratories, and electrical equipment that produces heat, if it’s sheer power and versatility that you’re looking for, we recommend you consider this device for installation in a commercial setting. Check out our full review below for more information on this uniquely effective cooling unit.


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Global Industrial Portable Air Conditioner

Designed for commercial use, the Global Industrial portable 2.5 ton air conditioner is the ideal choice in terms of sheer versatility. Cool the entire room with its well above-average BTU output, or focus its considerable strength on a more precise location with its spot cooler capability and three separate cold air nozzles. Continue reading our full assessment below for more information on this formidable portable unit.


Cooling Performance

With an impressive 29,000 BTUs of cooling power, the Global Industrial portable 2.5 ton air conditioner is capable of servicing a vast 743 square feet of commercially purposed space. Additionally, this device will provide an above-average maximum airflow of up to 741 cubic feet per minute, allowing the cooler to circulate air at a highly efficient rate, which means cooling effects are felt after a relatively short period of time.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Energy Efficiency Ratio of a product has proven to be an accurate indicator of a unit’s efficiency in operation in the past. With the industry average EER standing at approximately 9.7, any unit that scores over the 10 mark is generally considered to be quite efficient. However, in this case, the Global Industrial portable 2.5 ton air conditioner scores an EER of 9.3. While this unit’s EER is admittedly below average, a score of 9.3 is by no means to be considered inefficient, in fact, 9.3 is still quite a high score in relation to many other units on the market. When considering certifications, the energy star status of this unit was unfortunately unavailable to us at the time of this review. However, with regard to safety certification, this unit comes ETL certified, assuring the user that this unit has met the requirements necessary to be approved for the North American market.


Another feature that can potentially boost the efficient performance of this cooler is its inclusion of 2 differing fan speeds. What this essentially allows the user to do is operate their unit on a lower setting when full power is not required, thus consuming less energy. A self-diagnostic system will also monitor the status of the unit, and notify the user when something is amiss. Additionally, the Global Industrial portable 2.5 ton air conditioner also benefits from an  on/off timer, allowing for ease of operation, as well as an auto-restart function, which essentially allows the device to automatically reboot itself following a power outage. The latter of these two functions is especially useful for those of us living in environment that suffer from volatile weather conditions that can cause regular energy blackouts.



Weighing approximately 234lbs (note: shipping weight will likely be heavier to an unknown extent), the Global Industrial portable 2.5 ton air conditioner boasts a 3.17 gall. condensate tank for collecting water from the air. One design feature that may not be considered to be of importance at first glance is the power cord length of a unit. Only when the user is struggling to find a suitable space for installation is this feature’s true importance appreciated. With a 10 ft. power cord, the range of viable locations of deployment is extended immensely. Another exceptionally useful feature is this device’s four easy-roll caster wheels which allow for enhanced portability, which is a must-have when the weight of the unit is taken into consideration. Additionally, this product’s removable/washable air filter is ideal for removing certain particulates from the air, making it safer to breathe (note: this unit is by no means a substitute for an air purifier. Finally, three 5” cold air nozzles allow for a more precise distribution of cooled airflow, which is essential for pinpoint cooling.

Dimensions (Inches):

Height: 51.25″

Width: 20.5″

Length: 29″

Help & Support

Global Industrial customer service representatives are contactable via email, telephone, and an immensely useful live chat feature on the company website. Additionally, there is a wealth of information online regarding the ins-and-outs of company warranty plans and policies. This unit in particular is covered by a generous 3-Year Limited Warranty. We advise that anyone requiring further information regarding this product’s warranty coverage contact Global Industrial directly through one of the several channels listed above.



Overall, our verdict of this product is exceptionally favourable. We particularly enjoyed the versatility of the unit being able to service an entire room, or engage in spot cooling. That being said, it bears repeating that we do not believe this unit to be suitable for home-use, as it is likely too powerful to be necessary for installation in any family living space, and it lacks most of the convenient features that other products designed specifically for the home would likely include. However, for a commercial space, we certainly recommend the Global Industrial portable 2.5 ton air conditioner.