GermGuardian AC9200WCA Air Purifier Review

Last Updated: April 7, 2021

Confused by the vast choice of air purifiers? We’ve got you covered. Why not check out the GermGuardian AC9200WCA, easily one of the best air purifiers we have come across for the price.

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Guardian Technologies’ mission as a company is to provide their customers with the equipment they to create a healthier, happier home environment. With a growing range of HVAC technologies, and a unique focus on healthy living, Guardian Technologies is a rapidly growing company, and it’s not difficult to see why. Today we will be reviewing the GermGuardian AC9200WCA by Guardian Technologies, to see if they have accomplished their mission with this elegant air purifier unit.


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GermGuardian AC9200WCA Air Purifier

Our team took the GermGuardian AC9200WCA for our signature assessment. With the results in, and conclusions drawn, here’s our comprehensive buyers guide for all potential buyers out there considering entering this device. Admittedly, for a price-tag of $346.99, there are some who will be instantly dissuaded from this investment. However, if its the best you’re looking for, unfortunately it’s the best you’re going to have to pay for, and  if we’re honest with you; the GermGuardian AC9200WCA is worth every cent.


Cleaning Capabilities

Suitable for living spaces of up to 378 square feet, enjoying relatively high Clean Air Delivery Ratings (CADR), the GermGuardian AC9200WCA is an innovative and effective little purifier for a medium sized living space in a typical family home.

For CADR score specifics, check the following:

  • Smoke: 244
  • Dust: 310
  • Pollen: 346

The GermGuardian AC9200WCA features a complex filtration system, which starts with a pre-filter screen which catches the larger particles in the air such as hair, pet dander, dust, etc. This is then followed by the star of the unit; The true HEPA filter that will relive allergies, capturing airborne allergens of only 3 microns. After the HEPA filter,  an activated granular carbon filter which will reduce odours from a variety of sources, including pets, and cigarettes.

Finally, this system concludes with a UV-C light filter, and an Ionizer. The former of these two high-tech filters exposes germs  to UV-C light to decompose them, while the latter will charge the air that flows through the device in order to make it easier for the device to catch particles during the second pass through the unit. However, there are two controversies surrounding these types of filters.

One, the UV-C light filter has been challenged in the past, as it has been pointed out that in order for UV rays to have a significant effect on particles, they must be exposed to the rays for a prolonged period of time. Some argue that this is not possible in a unit of this type. It should also be noted that the UV-C filter is  The second controversy is based around the Ionizer filter, which has shown in the past to produce small amounts of Ozone. For context, Ozone in high doses has been shown to cause certain lung diseases. However, this unit in particular have been ARB certified, and complies with a federal Ozone limit in the United States, so you needn’t worry about this particular unit.


Efficiency & Certifications

Energy Star qualified, this unit has been assessed and shown itself to be compliant with regulations relating to energy consumption and eco-friendly performance. As we’ve previously mentioned, this unit has been certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for its adherence to Ozone emission regulations.

An additional feature that doubles as both an enhancement in convenience and efficiency is the inclusion of 3 fan speeds. This allows the user to operate their unit according to how much power is necessary. Without this feature, the unit would be forced to run constantly on full power.



With a built-in 6-hour programmable timer, the user can set an auto-shut off within a 6-hour time frame. This is useful if the user is a professional and would like their unit to continue working for a while after they leave the home.

A filter change LED indicator will inform the user when the filter requires replacement. This saves the operator from having to constantly check their filters.



Weighing approximately 20.65lbs, the GermGuardian AC9200WCA is one of the lightest products we have reviewed on this website. As the device is not exactly large either, with its sleek and refined exterior casing, it will sit quite comfortably into most modern contemporary living spaces. It truly is evident that GuardianTechnologies have put a lot of effort into the design of this device, with a minimalist-inspired interface on the top-face of the product featuring five buttons with accompanying LEDs.


Help & Support

The GermGuardian AC9200WCA is backed by a generous 3-year limited warranty, which is one of the larger warranties we have come across on this site. If you seek more more information regarding warranty policy, we recommend that you contact GuardianTechnologies directly.

GuardianTechnologies representatives are contactable via telephone, online contact through their own website or email. There are also a number of other resources available to buyers on the company website, including FAQs, a torubl-shooter, downloadable user manuals, return polices,  and instructions explaining how to maintain efficient operation.



In conclusion, our team really enjoyed reviewing this unit. Forgiving minor exclusions of certain features such as a Sleep mode, this unit is undeniably one of the best purifiers we have come across on the market. Admittedly, we would have enjoyed more features, such as a 24-hour timer, or auto mode. However, the sheer power provided by this unit is enough to eclipse our doubts. Stylish, functional, and powerful, sit back and relax while GuardianTechnologgies’ GermGuardian AC92000WCA cleans the air space of your home, allowing you to take a nice deep breathe without having to worry about what particles you have been inhaling.

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