GE AJCQ12DCG Air Conditioner Review

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

The the GE AJCQ12DCG may well be one of the finest in-wall air conditioning units we have ever reviewed at Air Conditioners Rated. If you’re in the market for this type of product, we strongly recommend you give this unit a look.

by AC Rated

GE Appliances was founded in 1905. Previously being owned by General Electric until 2016, now GE operates as a subsidiary of Haier, a very well respected brand in the HVAC industry. Throughout the course of their time since being founded, GE have supplied us with countless reliable and robust products. Is the GE AJCQ12DCG  in-wall air conditioner one of them? Continue reading below to find out our opinion on the matter.


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GE AJCQ12DCG Air Conditioner Review


Cooling Performance

Pumping out 12,000 BTUs of cooling power, this unit is ideal for spaces up to an estimated 550 sq. ft., which we would class as a medium-large living space. In addition to this, the GE AJCQ12DCG is capable of removing up to 3.4 pints of moisture from the air in your home, each hour.


Efficiency / Certifications

As far as efficiency is concerned, with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10.6, this unit performs well above the industry average score of 9.7. With its maximum airflow registering at 270 cubic feet per minute, this product can effectively circulate air in a room to a standard where its effects can be felt in relatively little time. With efficient performance figures such as this, it’s not hard to see how this unit earned its Energy Star Qualification, a cert that we always look for in every AC device.

Other certificates that this model benefits from include being UL-Listed, and AHAM certified. The former referring to this unit being tested thoroughly by Underwriters Laboratories, the results of which concluding that this unit does not have a negative effect on the air with which it interacts. The latter certification assuring us, the consumers, that this unit will perform to the specifications laid out by the manufacturer. While both extremely valuable certifications, there are many units on the market that don’t have these, and so the consumer is left to take a gamble by taking the manufacturer at their word. Our advice; always look for these certifications.



With a wireless remote control, the GE AJCQ12DCG can be controlled from anywhere in the room, which is not a feature to be taken for granted. As well as this, a 24-hour built-in timer is also included. This allows the operator to input a set schedule of when exactly they would prefer their AC unit to operate throughout the day. A feature that is especially useful if you’re not always home, now you can return from work to a refreshing cool breeze, instead of that clammy humid air of a room that has not been used all day.

Other features of this in-wall AC unit include an Auto Restart function, a Fan Mode, an Energy Saver Mode, and an Auto Mode. Auto Restart allows your device to automatically reboot itself, should it power-off in the case of an unexpected power outage. The Fan Mode enables your unit to circulate air in your living space, without cooling it. Combine this mode with 3 fan speeds, and you have a great way of freshening up the room. Energy Saver Mode does exactly what it says, causing the device to function at lowered capacities, the unit will consume less energy and save you money.

Auto Mode has always been a favourite feature of ours, and we love to see it included in units we review. The idea behind this mode is that the device will maintain your preferred temperature, even against outside influences. When the temperature drops below, or rises above comfortable levels, the unit will raise or lower its functional capacities to combat any change of temperature.

Unfortunately, the GE AJCQ12DCG lacks two of the modes that we frequently look for, being the Dehumidify Only Mode, and the Sleep Mode, the latter of which being almost a core expectation of units of this type.



Weighing 82lbs, we strongly advise our readers to seek aid if they should find themselves attempting to lift this unit. Simply put, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately, there were no decibel rating figures available to us at the time of this review, so we have no exact figures regarding how loud this unit actually is. However, it should provide some consolation that the vast majority of people who have used this product can testify that it will operate quietly in the background, without interrupting your conversation.

With a washable air filter, to remove large pollutants from the air, you need not worry about inhaling dust or hair in the air while this unit is operating. In addition, 4-Way directional air louvers allow you to focus the output of this device on one key area of your living space, should the need arise.


Help & Support

With regards to warranty protection, this unit is backed by a 1-year appliance warranty, and a 5-years compressor warranty, which is largely industry standard. GE representatives are contactable via email or live chat, which is a favourite support feature of ours.

An extensive FAQs section is also available on the company’s website. We advise you to contact the company directly should you have any questions regarding warranty policies.



For its price-tag, we believe this unit performs quite well. Coming with most of the modes we would hope to find in a unit of this type, forgiving the lack of a Sleep Mode, or a Dehumidify Only mode, this unit is both effective and convenient. Due to its efficient performance, the GE AJCQ12DCG will also save you money, when it comes time to pay the big bad bills. All-round, we have come to the conclusion that the the GE AJCQ12DCG is a fine choice, if you’re in the market for in-wall AC units.