GE AJCQ10ACG Air Conditioner Review 2020

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

In the market for a powerful In-Wall air conditioning unit? Well, check out our review of the GE AJCQ10ACG In-Wall AC unit.

by AC Rated

GE Appliances have provided us with many great products over the years that have certainly been a hit in the industry. Today we review the GE AJCQ10ACG in-wall air conditioner. Lacking some of the convenient features we would usually expect from a unit of its class, is this product strong enough to compensate for such oversights? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Continue reading for our full review below.


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GE AJCQ10ACG Air Conditioner Review

Cooling Performance

With 10,200 BTUs of cooling power, this unit is capable of servicing an estimated area of up to 450 sq. ft. With the added benefit of removing 2.7 pints of moisture from the air per hour, the GE AJCQ10ACG doubles as a relatively effective dehumidifier, while providing cooling services to your home. Combine these figures with a maximum airflow of 270 cubic feet per minute, and you have a undeniable competent unit in every regard.


Efficiency / Certifications

Energy Star Qualified, this unit has been assessed by third part laboratories, the results of such tests stating that this unit adheres to set EPA regulations regarding energy consumption, meaning the GE AJCQ10ACG will perform efficiently regarding energy consumption, saving you money on your bills. This guarantee of efficient performance is further reinforced by the product’s relatively high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10.7.

Other certifications this device benefits from include being AHAM Certified and UL-Listed. What this basically means is that AHAM have declared this unit’s specifications to be accurate, and Underwriters Laboratories have concluded that this product is safe for public use. Both of these certifications are something we always look for in a unit of this type, and we would certainly recommend that our readers keep an eye out for them too.



As far as convenience is concerned, unfortunately, we found a few issues, as this unit lacks many of the features we would consider to be essential for an optimally convenient unit. However, the most important features are still present, with the inclusion of a wireless remote control and programmable timer. The latter of these features has proven itself to be an invaluable addition to any unit, as it allows the user to input a set operational timetable into the device, dictating when the unit will function. Such timetables are handy as they can provoke the unit to power-on before you arrive home from work, so you arrive back to a refreshed living space after a long day.

Other features include Fan Mode, which will circulate air without cooling the room, and Energy Saver Mode, which allows the unit to operate on a lower setting in order to save energy, and money.

It is worth noting however, that many features such as Sleep Mode, Auto Mode, Dehumidify Only Mode, and the Auto Restart capability are absent. Often taken for granted, these features are what we at Air Conditioners Rated look for when we are critiquing the convenience of a unit, and so their exclusion is very noticeable.



With a a built-in Air Filter, the GE AJCQ10ACG is capable of removing large airborne particulates from your home, such as hair or dust. This feature is one of our favourites, as it allows the operator a certain peace-of-mind. Another underrated design feature included in this unit are its 4-way directional louvers, which enable the user to evenly spread airflow over an entire room, instead of in just one direction.

Weighing 80lbs, we advise our readers to not attempt lifting or installing this unit without help, as a precautionary measure.

Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 14 7/8

Width: 24 13/16

Depth: 19 29/32


Help & Support

This unit is backed by a 1-year appliance warranty, and a 5-years compressor warranty. For more information, we advise that our readers contact GE, or read the warranty notes available on GE’s website.

Should you experience difficulties with this product, GE customer service representatives are available via email, telephone, and live chat.

If speaking to a representative is unappealing to you, a comprehensive FAQs section is available on the company website, as are downloadable user manuals which are useful in the case of you losing your physical copy.



Overall, we like this unit. However, our criticisms stand with regard to convenience. We would like to see some of the features such as Sleep Mode and Dehumidify mode present in this device. Forgiving such omissions, this unit performs the basic tasks quite well. To put it simply, if it’s a powerful air conditioner you’re looking for, and don’t care for all the bells and whistles included in many units nowadays, the GE AJCQ10ACG may be the perfect product for you.