GE AHV05LW Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Looking for an affordable window-mounted air conditioner? This lightweight, minimalistic air conditioner may be the perfect unit for you, check out our full review for more details.

by AC Rated

GE Appliances have produced countless high-quality HVAC appliances over the years, establishing themselves as one of the front-running brands in the industry. With a refined customer service infrastructure, and a clear dedication to robust design and efficiency, GE’s wide range of air conditioning units are capable of meeting all needs, all one must do is pick the right product. Today, our team of analysts will be critically assessing the GE AHV05LW window-mounted 5000 BTU air conditioner, to help our readers make an informed decision on whether or not this unit is suitable for their home. Continue reading our full review below for more information.


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GE AHV05LW Air Conditioner

Retailing for approximately $152.95, this low-cost unit is ideal for smaller living spaces. Potential buyers should be warned however, that this unit does not come with many certifications, nor can it boast a wide range of convenient features. However, this simple unit is effective at cooling, getting the job done. If you’re looking for a smaller window-mounted air conditioner, and are working with a tight-budget, we believe there’s a considerable amount of cash to be saved with this unit, if you’re willing to sacrifice the more advanced features that come with higher-market appliances.


Cooling Performance

With one of the lower cooling performances of the units we have reviewed at Air Conditioners Rated, this 5050 BTU air conditioner unit is suitable for servicing an estimated approximate area of 150 square feet. With a maximum airflow of 135 CFM, the GE AHV05LW  is also capable of effectively circulating room throughout an appropriately sized small living space. Additionally, this unit is capable of removing 1 pint of moisture from the air per hour, so this unit is capable of combatting moderate humidity.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of a product is a measure of how efficient a product performs taking into account its power consumption, and its BTU output. With an EER of 11, the GE AHV05LW is a highly efficient product, when implemented in a suitably sized living space. This product’s efficient performance can be boosted even further by utilising its 2 fan speeds, using the lower capacity when full power is not required. Unfortunately the Energy Star status of this product was undisclosed as of the time of this review.

Further still, there is regrettably no additional information available regarding this product and any other certifications it may or may not have. This may be a cause of concern for potential buyers, as it entails placing full trust in GE that their product will function as promised, without any of the certificates that come with passing third-party assessments.



With a net weight of 41lbs, the GE AHV05LW is a mid-weight window-mounted air conditioner. We would suggest not attempting to lift or install this unit without assistance, if this weight proves to be a challenge for you.

Considering noise levels, unfortunately there are no exact decibel ratings available online. However, we can vouch that this little unit is quiet, and will not disrupt daily activities in the home. To be doubly sure, we had a look at a range of customer reviews online, with seemingly all of them reporting a similar experience to ours.

2-Way adjustable airflow louvers allow for a more even coverage of a typical family living space, delivering cooled air efficiently to all corners of the room.

This unit utilises a rigid filter, with a slide-out mechanism for easy access.


Dimensions (Inches):

Height: 13″

Width: 16-7/16″

Depth: 15-3/16″

Minimum Window Height: 13-3/8″

(Min./Max.) Window Width: 21-7/8″ – 36″


Help & Support

The GE AHV05LW comes backed by GE’s 1-year limited parts warranty. Should you encounter an issue with your unit, customer service representatives are contactable via telephone, email, live chat, online message through the official company website, or through one of their various presences on social media. If you do not wish to speak directly to a customer service agent, GE maintain a wide variety of online customer support resources on their official website, including tutorial videos, FAQs, downloadable user manuals, and a service & repair scheduling service.



To conclude our review of the GE AHV05LW, this unit is certainly nowhere near the most powerful of units we have reviewed. However, it doesn’t try to mislead anyone into believing this to be so. This unit is small, yet efficient, and perfectly capable of cooling smaller living spaces. Without the convenient features we would expect of the more expensive units, this is an affordable alternative for those of us who don’t see the appeal in forking out more cash for extra features. A massive benefit to this product is the customer service network behind it, as it is a GE product. For what it is, we must commend the GE AHV05LW for getting the job done, just as promised.