Frigidaire FFRA0622S1 Air Conditioner Review 2019

Last Updated: January 1, 2019

Our team reviews the Frigidaire FFRA0622S1. Read our full review to see what we found.

by AC Rated

Through the years, titan brand Frigidaire have reaffirmed their commitment to quality time and time again. Today, we will be reviewing the Frigidaire FFRA0622S1 window mounted air conditioner, weighing up all the pros and cons to bring our readers all the relevant information available, so that they can make the best choice of unit for their own unique living environment. Welcome to our Frigidaire FFRA0622S1 air conditioner review.


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Frigidaire FFRA0622S1 Air Conditioner Review


Cooling Performance

With 6,000 BTUs of cooling power, the Frigidaire FFRA0622S1 is capable of servicing an estimated area up to 250 sq. ft. In addition to its cooling capabilities, this unit will also remove up to 1.3 pints of moisture from the air per hour, doubling as a dehumidifier. However, with a relatively unremarkable maximum air flow of 101 cubic feet per minute, the rate at which this unit will circulate air is not ideal. We would recommend usage of this appliance in medium-sized living spaces.


Efficiency / Certifications

While lacking an Energy Star Certification, the Frigidaire FFRA0622S1 is undoubtedly efficient to an extent, with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11.1, a significantly higher rating than the industry average of 9.7. Other certifications backing this unit include an AHAM certification, and a UL-listing. This implies that the specifications published by Frigidaire are accurate, and that this device does not have any negative effects on the air with which it interacts.



When it comes to convenience enhancing features, the most basic, seemingly obvious feature that we would consider to be of paramount importance, is the remote control. One would be surprised how often such a rudimentary piece of equipment is omitted from the final design of air conditioning units.

A reasonably common feature also included with this appliance is the 24-hour programmable timer. This feature allows the operator to input which hours of the day they wish to have their unit power on for. By programming your unit to follow a set schedule, it’s possible for the unit to switch on before you arrive home from work, for example. Gone are the days of returning home to a clammy, hot room.

There is also an Auto setting on this device, which enables the Frigidaire FFRA0622S1 to automatically power on when a temperature change is detected that drops or raises the temperature out of a comfortable range.

Other modes include a Fan Only, a Sleep Mode, and an Energy Saver Mode. Fan Only allows you to circulate air in your home without cooling it, while Sleep Mode lets the union function at a decreased capacity, making less noise and gradually raising the temperature throughout the night, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, saving energy. Energy Saver Mode allows the device to turn off or lower the performance of its compressor at limited intervals, maintaining a comfortable temperature, and cutting down on energy consumption.



With a noise level of 51dB, the Frigidaire FFRA0622S1 is exceptionally quiet. For reference, the average human conversation registers at about 60dB.  This unit also weighs about 44lbs, making it quite light when compared to many other models we have reviewed. However, as usual, we advise you seek aid if installation of this unit proves difficult for you.

An air filter removes dust and pollen from the air, so you can rest assured that you are not inhaling airborne pollutants. In addition to this, 4-Way Directional Louvers allow you to focus airflow from this device on certain parts of the room where the unit is located.


Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 14 3/4″

Width: 21 7/8″

Depth: 18 1/8″

Maximum Window Kit Width: 36″

Minimum Window Height: 14″


Help & Support

Frigidaire maintain one of the most impressive customer support infrastructures of all the brands we have reviewed. With representatives contactable via email, telephone, and the immensely useful live chat, not all companies are as easily contactable as Frigidaire. As well as this, a comprehensive FAQs section is also available on the company website, as are downloadable user manuals, should you lose yours.

This unit is backed by Frigidaire’s 1-year appliance warranty, and 5-years compressor warranty. If you have any questions regarding Frigidaire warranty policies, we recommend that you contact the company directly.



Overall, we enjoy this unit, as is usually the case with Frigidaire, this unit is quite well built, with most of the key features we look for in window mounted AC units. Our only criticisms of this unit are its lack of a dehumdify only function, and a weak maximum airflow. Apart from these two issues, the Frigidaire FFRA0622S1 is an ideal product.