Frigidaire FFPA1222T1 Air Conditioner 2019

Last Updated: July 1, 2019

Looking for a portable air conditioner that packs a serious punch? Frigidaire has got you covered. Introducing the Frigidaire FFPA1222T1. Check out our full review to see if this unit is what you’ve been waiting for.

by AC Rated

Nowadays, in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) industry, the name Frigidaire has become somewhat synonymous with quality. When purchasing a Frigidaire unit, you can rest assured that you will more often than not be receiving top-of-line home HVAC appliances. Today we are reviewing the Frigidaire FFPA1222T1 portable air conditioner. A surprisingly powerful little unit, we were very impressed with this subtle addition to the Frigidaire catalogue. Continue reading for our full Frigidaire FFPA1222T1 review.


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Frigidaire FFPA1222T1 Air Conditioner Review

Cooling Performance

Offering up an impressive 12,000 BTUs of cooling force, this unit is capable of servicing a living space of up to an estimated 550 square feet. In addition to this, the Frigidaire FFPA1222T1 has a maximum airflow of 497 cubic feet per minute, which is insanely high for a portable unit. This means that this unit is exceptionally efficient at air circulation, meaning you’ll be able to feel its effect quite quickly. Additionally, with the ability to remove up to 3.1 pints of moisture from the air every hour, you simply cannot go wrong with this unit.



With an Energy Efficiency Ratio of 8.9, this unit is unfortunately below the industry average of 9.7, and so would not be as efficient as most. Furthermore, the Frigidaire FFPA1222T1 regrettably does not benefit from an Energy Start Certification either.

However, this unit is UL-Listed, and is ASHRAE performance certified. The UL listing declares this device safe for public use, following extensive testing, while the ASHRAE performance certification ensures that this device will perform to the standard alluded to in its specifications.

Efficient operation is further optimised with the inclusion of 3 fan and cooling speeds, allowing the user to operate their device to extent required, without squandering excess energy by running the machine on full strength.



A full-function wireless remote control means that this unit may be issued commands from anywhere in the room. Meanwhile, a 24-hour programmable on/off timer empowers the user to input a schedule of operation into their device. The unit will then power on and off according to this timetable, potentially operating even when your home is empty.

Several additional settings are also included in this product to enhance user convenience. These include a Fan-Auto setting, which allows the device to detect when temperatures in your living space reach uncomfortable levels. The unit will then adjust its performance to re-establish a more comfortable living space.

Another setting the Frigidaire FFPA1222T1 boasts is Sleep Mode. This mode allows the device to function more quietly during the night, and save you money on energy bills while you sleep. This is achieved by gradually allowing temperatures to increase throughout the night, while maintain a comfortable environment. An added bonus of this is that you don’t have to worry about waking up to a cold home, as you would if you were to leave your unit functioning through the night.

A Dry Mode will simply remove moisture from the air, without applying a cooling effect. This is especially useful for people living in hot and humid environments.



Operating at a maximum noise level of 53.6dB, this unit is quiet compared to some other portable AC’s on the market, bearing in mind that it functions at a lower volume at lower settings. For reference, the average human conversation registers at about 60dB.

Weighing 71lbs, this unit is exceptionally heavy for a portable air conditioning unit. We would strongly advise seeking aid when transporting this unit, just to be on the safe side. Note, the shipping weight of this unit is a whopping 85lbs, so once again, do not attempt to transport this unit single-handedly.

A washable anti-bacterial mesh filter protects your home from airborne particulates such as hair and dust, however we would note that this unit is in no way a substitute for an air purifier.


Dimensions (Inches)

Width: 18-5/16″

Height: 30-1/8″

Depth: 15-5/8″


Help & Support

This unit is backed by Frigidaire’s signature 1-year full / 5-years sealed system warranty, one of the most generous coverage plans that we have come across on the market. Frigidaire representatives are contactable via email, telephone, or through one of the company’s various social media presences.

On the company’s website there is an in-depth FAQs section available, as well as downloadable user manuals, and a service center & parts locator.

If you have any queries regarding company warranty policies, we recommend that you contact Frigidaire directly, where a customer service agent would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.



With all factors taken into consideration, our final verdict is that this unit is a fantastic choice for servicing medium-large sized living spaces. While it’s slightly larger than we expected, and the unit is quite heavy, there is no way of denying its effectiveness. Once again, Frigidaire has proven to us why they hold one of the top spots in the industry.