Frigidaire FAD301NWD Dehumidifier Review 2018

by AC Rated

Frigidaire FFTA1233S1 Air Conditioner Review 2018

by AC Rated

Has Frigidaire done it again? Read our review of the Frigidaire FFTA1233S1 to see if Frigidaire’s in-wall air conditioner can stand up to the test of being part of the iconic brand’s catalogue.

4 min read
Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244T1

Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244T1 Air Conditioner Review 2018

by AC Rated

When it comes to power, our tests have determined that the Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244T1 is the best all-round portable air conditioner to go for. Check out our review post for full information.

3 min read
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