Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A Air Conditioner Review 2020

Last Updated: May 1, 2020

We review the Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A to see how it measures up to Friedrich Residential’s fantastic catalogue of HVAC equipment. If you’re a potential buyer, you have to check out our full review.

by AC Rated

With an admirable track record, Friedrich Residential have made quite the name for themselves in the HVAC industry. Our team reviewed the Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A, to see how it performed when held up to our expectations of this well-respected brand. Continue reading for our full Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A air conditioner review.


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Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A Air Conditioner Review


Cooling Performance

With a cooling performance of 6,000 BTUs, servicing an estimated area of up to 250 sq. ft. this unit cools to a level that is considered standard for this class of unit. The Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A has a maximum airflow of 200 cubic feet per minute, which is relatively impressive. With a dehumidifying capacity of removing 1.8 pints of moisture from the air per hour, this unit will effectively combat humidity in its immediate area. This is an essential quality for those of us living in hot and humid environments.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of the Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A stands at 11.2, which is a sizeable improvement on the industry average of 9.7. Coming Energy Star Qualified, this unit operates to a degree of efficiency that will save you a considerable amount of money on your energy bills.  Efficient operation is further aided by the inclusion of 3 Fan Speeds, allowing the user to select the intensity of their unit’s performance, adjusting it to consume the appropriate amount of energy when measured against the amount of cooling power necessary to combat the current temperature.

Other specifications that the Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A benefits from include being AHAM Certified and UL-Listed. In other words, this unit will function as the manufacturer has promised, and the air does not suffer any negative effects from passing through this unit.



The Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A also has several convenience enhancing features built-in, including a wireless remote control, allowing the operator to adjust the devices settings from anywhere in the room.

A programmable timer is especially useful, as set times of operation may be input into the device, meaning that you won’t have to come home to a sweltering home after a day of work. Simply program the unit to follow your schedule, and it will take care of the rest.

If programming a timer sounds like too much work, and you would like your home to be regulated constantly, an Auto Mode is also available. This enables the unit to detect when temperatures in the room have reached uncomfortable levels, and adjust its performance accordingly.

A Fan Only setting will circulate air around your living space, providing a refreshing living environment, without any cooling taking place.

The Dehumidify Only option enables the user to utilise their unit to remove moisture from the air, without cooling it.

Energy Saver Mode, will allow the device to function at decreased capacities, in order to conserve energy, and save you money on your upkeep bills.

Finally, an Auto Restart function will restart your device following any power outages. This is especially handy in environments that suffer such outages regularly, for example, locations that are prone to natural disasters.

Maximum Window Kit Extension (Inches):

Width: 36

Height: 14 1/8



A built-in Air Filter in this unit will remove large airborne particulates such as dust and hair, so that you needn’t worry about the air you are breathing in while this unit operates. This allows peace-of-mind, and can be useful for anyone who suffers from allergies.

4-Way Directional Louvers also allow the user to direct the current of cooled air on any particular area of the room, which is a useful feature if you seek to cool one particular part of your living space as a priority, or wish to evenly spread air to all areas of the room.

Unfortunately, the noise level of this unit is not specified, although it may be assumed that this unit is not particularly loud due to its size and specs.

Weighing 70lbs, the Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A is heavier than many of the units of its class, and so we would recommend seeking aid when transporting or installing this unit, as this weight may prove too much for many people to support on their own.

Dimensions (Inches):

Height: 14

Width: 18 3/5

Depth: 20 8/9


Help & Support

This device is backed by a 1-year appliance warranty, and a 5-years compressor warranty, courtesy of Friedrich Residential. We recommend that any potential buyers contact the company directly if they have any queries regarding the specifics of company warranty policy.

Friedrich representatives are contactable via email and telephone. Further, downloadable user manuals are available on the company website in the case of you losing your physical copy.

If speaking directly to a representative is not something that sounds appealing to you, a comprehensive FAQs section is also available on the company website.



Overall, the Friedrich Residential Chill CP06G10A is a decent unit. Convenient to operate, and effective in living spaces up to 250 sq. ft., there is little to fault with this product. Our only criticisms would be that it is a tad on the large side, and is quite heavy. We also noticed the lack of a Sleep Mode, which is always a useful feature. However, our criticisms are simply nit-picking when you consider the positive aspects of this device.