Friedrich P08S Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: May 1, 2020

Check out the Friedrich P08S, a portable air conditioner & heater unit, jam-packed with convenient features and clever design ASPECTS.

by AC Rated

One of the most well-renowned brands in the industry, our team of analysts know Friedrich well, and were excited to test out another of their products. With an ever-widening selection of air conditioning units to cater to all needs, Friedrich’s position as one of the most respected HVAC product manufacturers is further solidified with every high-quality product they bring to the market. Therefore, it stands to reason that we had our experienced team of analysts assess the Friedrich P08S portable air conditioner, to ascertain whether or not this particular unit is worthy of bearing the banner of Friedrich. Check out our in-depth assessment below for all the details.


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Friedrich P08S Air Conditioner


Retailing for about $349.00, the Friedrich P08S is not exactly a “cheap” air conditioning unit, however it is certainly more affordable than many of the units that supply the same amount of cooling power. Interestingly, this unit includes some features we rarely see in portable units, while excluding others that we would be far more familiar with. With regard to efficient performance, unfortunately this unit is not the most cost-effective when it comes to energy consumption, however this problem is remedied with the addition of four differing fan speeds. Interested in this unit? Continue reading below for our full review.


Cooling Performance

The Friedrich P08S provides an estimated living space of up to 200 square feet with an impressive 8,000 BTUs of ASHRAE certified cooling power. Additionally, this product is capable of removing up to 3.5 pints of moisture from the air each hour, making this unit suitable for installation in environments that are both hot and humid.


Efficiency / Certifications

The Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of a product is a measure of how efficiently a unit will operate, taking into account its energy consumption, and performance. With the industry average standing at 9.7, with any unit that scores above 10 in this regard being considered highly efficient. Unfortunately, the Friedrich F08S falls behind here, scoring an EER of 8.3. However, with a 4 fan speeds (low, medium, high, auto) efficient operation can be optimised, by the user operating their device on the lowest necessary setting.

Regrettably the Energy Star status of this unit was not available to our review team at the time of this review, although with a relatively low EER, it is most likely that this unit is not Energy Star certified.



With an LCD full function wireless remote control included with this unit, the user is enabled to alter the functions on their unit from anywhere in the room. This saves buyers from being forced to drag themselves through the hot Summer air simply to tweak minor settings on their device. A design feature often overlooked, one would be surprised to know how many units on the market do not have a wireless remote incorporated into their final design, and we at Air Conditioners Rated can assure our readers it is a feature that is sorely missed in its absence.

Additionally, with a 24-hour operational timer, the user may input a schedule of operation into their device. The Friedrich F08S will then power on and off according to this timetable.

The “auto” fan speed will automatically maintain a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones, by enabling the unit to alter the speed of its fan to combat temperature changes.

Finally, the Friedrich F08S has numerous convenient modes for convenient operation. With a fan-only mode, dehumidifier mode, and even a heat mode, the user is enabled to get the exact performance they need out of their unit for optimum comfort. The fan-only mode will circulate air without applying a cooling effect, while the dehumidifier will solely pull moisture from the air. The heat mode on the other hand, is capable of providing 8,000 BTUs of heating power, making this unit suitable for use at any time of the year.



Friedrich have prioritised portability with this compact design. While weighing 53lbs (57lbs shipping weight), which is relatively quite heavy, the inclusion of flexible caster wheels on the bottom face of this unit make movement around the house quite easy. However, we advise seeking assistance when transporting or installing this device, as it can prove too heavy for some. Further, exclusive to this model is a “snap-n-store” hose storage compartment, which which adds extra convenience to transporting this unit.

Aesthetically speaking, the Friedrich P08S is unremarkable, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It may not be a beautifully designed unit, but it’s certainly not ugly either. Instead, this unit will sit back into the décor of your home, becoming almost unnoticeable, which is arguably what many desire from their AC units.

While an exact decibel rating for this device was not available to us at the time of this review, we can testify that this unit operates quietly, without interrupting you as you go about your daily routines at home.


Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 25.2″

Width: 16.7″

Depth: 11.3″


Help & Support

If you should encounter an issue with your Friedrich F08S, company representatives are contactable via an online contact form on their website, or telephone. Additionally, Friedrich maintain numerous online resources for their customers to access, including downloadable user manuals, an in-depth FAQs section, tutorial videos, and more.

The Friedrich F08S is backed by 1-year parts, 5-year sealed system warranty. For more information, our advice is to contact a Friedrich representative at your earliest convenience.



The Friedrich F08S is an exceptionally convenient unit. However, it must be noted that it did unfortunately miss out on a few features, such as auto restart, adjustable louvers, and an auto mode. That being said, we still enjoyed using this unit. We especially enjoyed its added heating function, as that is not a feature we see commonly in this type of air conditioner. We also found the portability enabling design features such as the “snap-n-store” storage space for the hose. Overall, forgiving the lack of a few features, we concluded that this unit would be a great choice for the small-medium sized living spaces out there.