Friedrich 14,500 BTU Air Conditioner 2020

Last Updated: May 1, 2020

Looking for a visually attractive, yet powerful in-wall home air conditioner? Well, look no further, because Friedrich have it. Check out our full review for more information.

by AC Rated

We are no strangers to Friedrich at Air Conditioners Rated. Having reviewed several of their products in the past, we can testify that Friedrich have proven themselves to be a brand dedicated to provided high quality appliances, consistently, and without compromise. With a unique aesthetic flair, it’s clear to see that Friedrich’s designers put effort and imagination into their products, which we certainly commend. Today, our team of expert air conditioner reviewers are going to be taking a look at the Friedrich 14,500 BTU in-wall air conditioner (also known as the “Wall Master”).


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Friedrich 14,500 BTU Air Conditioner

The Friedrich 14,500 retails for about $999.00, and so is far from an inexpensive home air conditioning unit. In fact, as far as units go, this is one of the most expensive home air conditioners out there, at least of the in-wall variety. Needless to say, with such a sky-high price-tag, the big question is; is it worth it? Well, we at Air Conditioners Rated just so happen to believe it is. Continue reading our full review below for more details.


Cooling Performance

With the ability to provide the user with a formidable 14,500 BTUs of cooling power, the Friedrich 14,500 BTU in-wall air conditioner is capable of adequately servicing an estimated area of up to 700 square feet. Additionally, with a maximum airflow of 290CFM, this device is effective at circulating air throughout its local environment. We would recommend this unit for installation in large family living spaces.


Efficiency / Certifications

A unit’s Energy Efficiency Ratio gives us an idea of how efficient a unit performs, based upon how much energy it consumes, and its output in return. The industry’s average EER stands at approximately 9.7, with any unit scoring above 10 being considered highly efficient. Unfortunately, the Friedrich 14,500 BTU air conditioner scores below average, with an EER of 9.3. In simple terms, this essentially means that the Friedrich 14,500 BTU air conditioner will cost you more to run, in proportion to its performance, than the average air conditioner on the market. However, we would not worry too much in this case, as many units with a BTU output as high as this one tend to suffer from lowered a lowered EER.

Friedrich subject their products to intense testing in their own UL-certified lab. The testing period runs for up to 120 continuous days under extreme temperature conditions. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are an institution of the industry, with their public safety related certification carrying immense weight. In order for a product to be UL certified it must pass a strict set of assessments, and prove to be safe for public use.

Efficient use is further enhanced by the inclusion of 3 fan speeds of differing intensity. The advantage allowed here is that the unit can be operated on a lower setting, saving energy, when full powered operation is not necessary.



A feature often taken for granted, the wireless remote control that comes with this unit is exceptionally useful. A surprisingly sizeable proportion of air conditioning units actually lack this feature, which may not seem like a significant issue at first, but on a hot and clammy summer’s day, the last thing you want is to have to pull yourself through the heat, across the room, simply to change a fan setting.

Another feature we have always found to be useful, is the 24-hour programmable timer. This effectively allows the user to input which times of the day they would prefer their unit to function. The device will then proceed to power on and off at different times, according to the schedule prescribed to it. When put to proper use, this feature can provide a massive boost in convenience of operation. For example, setting the unit to power on at the time you are mid-commute each day will ensure that you return home from work to a refreshed and cool living environment.

This unit was seemingly designed for convenience, with smart-fans built-in that automatically adjust their speed to maintain a desired temperature. Further, an energy saving mode is effective in saving you money on your upkeep bills, which is always a welcome addition.



Adjustable air louvers allow for a more even distribution of cooled air throughout the room. A simple addition to any air conditioner, you would be surprised how effective they are at ensuring that the units cooling abilities are felt in as many areas of the room as possible, as quickly as possible.

A removable, washable antimicrobial filter saves the user from spending their hard earned cash on filter replacements. To make things a little easier on the user, Friedrich also included a filter check reminder to notify you when the filter requires a wash. We strongly advise users to follow the cleaning instructions laid out in the user manual, as filters can be quite fragile.

Weighing a whopping 119lbs, we strongly advise buyers to seek help when transporting or installing this unit. Also be advised that this unit has a shipping weight of an even heavier 124lbs.

Rubber grommets have been implemented in the internal design of this product to absorb motion and sound, just one of several design features in place in the Friedrich 14,500 BTU air conditioner that ensure a quiet and non-disruptive performance.

Aesthetically speaking, the Friedrich 14,500 BTU air conditioner is a vision in white. Cast aside is the old standard in-wall design of long, all-encompassing grills, now replaced by a smooth, curved surface over the majority of the front-face of this device. A modern, sleek appearance is the result, with the device’s air inlets ducking into the unit, just out of view, making this unit just as striking in appearance as it is in performance.

NOTE: The wall master sleeve (required for installation in the wall) is sold separately to the unit itself. However, this unit will fit Fedders A&B sleeves, although the Fedders B sleeve will require a BAK accessory kit. 


Dimensions (Inches):

Height: 15.8″

Width: 26.5″

Depth: 22″



Help & Support

Fortunately, this unit benefits from being backed by Friedrich’s 1-year appliance and 5-years compressor warranty. This type of warranty is relatively common in the industry, however it is generous nonetheless. Should you have any warranty policy related queries, we recommend that you contact Friedrich directly.

Customer representatives are contactable via email and telephone should you encounter any problems with your unit. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, Friedrich also maintains an extensive FAQs section on their official company website. Also online is a selection of downloadable user manuals, which are useful in the unfortunate case of your physical copy being misplaced.



To conclude our review of the Friedrich 14,500 BTU air conditioner, we must commend Friedrich for their attention to design, and for their conclusion of the most convenient features that we usually look for. In addition, the sheer strength of this unit is selling point in its own right, providing enough cooling power to service large segments of a typical family home. The stylish design of this in-wall unit sets it apart from the competition, as one of the best looking mounted air conditioning units we have ever come across at Air Conditioners Rated. Overall, we believe this to be an excellent choice of home air conditioning unit.