Emerson EAPC14RD1 Air Conditioner 2019

Last Updated: July 1, 2019

Check out our review of the Emerson EAPC14RD1, both an Air Conditioner and a Dehumidifier in the same unit, this is an interesting product you do not want to miss out on.

by AC Rated

The Emerson Electric Company was founded in Missouri, by a Civil War veteran back in 1890. One of the oldest and most respected of the companies we have reviewed, Emerson carries with it the burden of having a great reputation. Each time we review an Emerson product, there is substantial pressure on the device to uphold its makers legacy. Today is one of those days, continue reading below for our full Emerson EAPC14RD1 portable air conditioner.


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Emerson EAPC14RD1 Air Conditioner


Cooling Performance

Providing an impressive 14,000 BTUs of cooling power to the user we would recommend this unit for use in areas up to 320 sq. ft. On top of this, a powerful dehumidifier has also been attached to this unit, removing up to 4.4 pints from the air per hour. This makes the Emerson EAPC14RD1 air conditioner / dehumidifier perfect for a medium sized living living space.


Efficiency / Certifications

With an Energy Efficiency Ratio of 9.8, the Emerson EAPC14RD1 is unfortunately not very efficient. For comparison, the national average stands at about 9.7. This unit therefore, does not benefit from being Energy Star Certified, however it has been UL-Listed.



As far as convenience is concerned,the Emerson EAPC14RD1 has a few tricks up its sleeve. Firstly, this unit comes with a wireless remote control. This may not sound like a significant addition but you will really appreciate this feature on those sticky hot days when you don’t want to move to change the unit’s settings.

Then there are the settings / modes, there is a sleep setting which allows the device to run on reduced capacities, so as to make less noise, all the while slowly increasing the temperature of the room to a more comfortable level while you rest. Then there is the 24 hour timer setting, which allows the user to manually input when they would like their unit to be powered on for. This allows the unit to automatically work to a schedule you have set out for it, so it will continue working even while you are away.

Combine all of this with a choice of three fan speeds, three cool settings, and temperature control from 62 degrees to 86 degrees, and you’ve got one hell of an AC unit.

With a noise level of 54dBA,the Emerson EAPC14RD1 is quieter than your average human conversation which registers at about 60dB.

There is a drainage hose connection on the device, to allow for continuous flow from the dehumidifier, however no drainage hose is included so you will have to find your own. We would very highly recommend that you go with the continuous drainage option with this device, due to the vast amount of water it removes from the air.

Which brings us to the dehumidifier; we loved this dehumidifier. Simply put, the Emerson EAPC14RD1 gets things done. Usually with these models, the dehumidifier is often included as a bonus feature or an extra. However, it shares the stage in this case, performing exceptionally well.

Weighing 68.3lbs this unit is not excessively heavy, although the side handles and caster wheels mean that once this unit is installed in your home, very lifting is required anyway.



With a cord length of 5.9 feet, the Emerson EAPC14RD1 can be placed nearly anywhere in the average living room. Standing on omni-directional casters makes this unit exceptionally easy to move about your home, aided further still by lifting handles on the side. An easily accessible filter reduces bacteria, room odours, and other pollutants. This filter is also washable, for added convenience.

The unit itself is encased in hard white plastic, with a digital control panel on the top of the unit. Also included on this panel is a light that will indicate when the filter requires maintenance.


Help & Support

As far as help and support is concerned, Emerson representatives may be contacted via phone, email, their online ‘Contact Us’ or perhaps through one of their several social media presences. An in-depth troubleshooter section on the website is especially useful we’ve found. Downloadable user manuals available.

This unit is backed by a 1-2-5 warranty, which means 1 year labour, 2 years part, a end 5 years compressor. If you are unsure about any policies relating to the warranty of this product, we advise that you contact Emerson immediately.



Our final verdict is that this is an exceptional device, well worth its market price. Its only downside was its lack of efficiency, being a mere 0.1 above the average (EER). This means more energy will need to be consumed, which means more money will have to be spent. However, and we cannot stress  this enough, with this particular unit, you are getting a full 2-in-w1. Both effective as a dehumidifier and an AC unit, we would strongly recommend the Emerson EAPC14RD1 for anyone living in a hot/humid climate.