Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split Air Conditioner 2018

Last Updated: December 1, 2018

Looking for a mid-range ductless mini split AC unit? Check out our review of this unit from Daikin. The perfect blend of efficiency and performance, this elegant unit will beat the heat, and will do so at a low cost.

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The ductless mini split model of residential air conditioners has proven to be an innovative and cost-friendly alternative to installing ducted central air conditioning in your home. Consisting of an outdoor unit, the condenser, connected via wires and refrigerant tubing to an indoor unit known as an air handler, this configuration is easily installed, and easily maintained. While some systems have several indoor units, today we will be taking a look at the Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split air conditioner (12,000 BTU model), which is a single zone unit (only one air handler). Check out our full review below for more information.


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Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split Air Conditioner

The Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split system excels under the categories of efficiency, and performance. Additionally, this unit comes backed by one of the most impressive warranty coverage plans we have come across to date. With a wide range of functions and convenience-enhancing features, this unit is certainly one to consider, if your living space matches the recommended dimensions. However, it is advised that you select an air conditioning unit with the BTU output to cater to spaces as close to your room measurements as possible.

There is a common misconception that a unit with a BTU output far above that which is required for a room, will be all the more effective, however this is simply not true. In fact, by installing a unit that is too powerful for your living space, you may actually see some issues with regard to the devices efficiency, as well as its ability to remove moisture from the air. Similarly, if you purchase a unit that is too weak, you will not receive the results promised. At the end of the day, you will be paying the energy bills to keep your air conditioner in operation, so it is worth the effort to take measurements of your room, and find the unit that will best suit your requirements.


Cooling Performance

With the capability to provide the user with up to 12,000 BTUs of cooling force, this unit is ideal for servicing residential spaces of up to 550 square feet. We always advise selecting an air conditioning system with a BTU output as closely suitable to the size of your own living space as possible. A common misconception is that the more powerful the unit, the better, even if the BTU output is more than your room requires. However, in reality, choosing a unit with too high an output will disrupt the efficient performance of the device, and even affect its dehumidifying abilities.


Efficiency / Certifications

The level of operational efficiency that an air conditioning unit can achieve is often measured by its various energy efficiency ratios. These include the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), and the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split fortunately scores quite well in comparison to most units on the market, scoring a SEER of 19, and an EER of 12.5. For context, the average industry EER stands at approximately 9.7, with any unit scoring over 10 being considered to be highly efficient, and with any unit scoring over 12 to be very highly efficient. As a further guarantee of efficient performance, this unit comes Energy Star certified, which declares that this unit adheres to a set of guidelines regarding energy consumption published by the Environmental Protection Agency.



Operation of the Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split air conditioner could not be made any easier, with a user-friendly wireless remote control that clearly showcases the air conditioners range of operational functions and features through a simple digital display. Additionally, the Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split has a integrated dry mode, which allows the unit to remove excess moisture from the air, allowing the unit to double as an effective dehumidifier. Finally, with 4 fan speeds of differing intensity, the user is enabled to alter the performance of their unit depending on how much cooling is required, additionally, this is also furthers the efficiency of the device.



With an anti-bacterial washable filter, the Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split is capable of removing most airborne particulates, whilst also tackling typical household odours, establishing not only a comfortable environment through its cooling and dehumidifying effects, but a healthier one as well. Regarding noise levels, this air conditioning system registers at 49dB outside, while the indoor unit produces between 19-45dB, depending on the current setting that the device is set to. Additionally, this unit comes with a wireless remote control, with an optional wired thermostat available for installation.

Dimensions (Inches) 

Indoor Unit

Height: 11″

Width: 30″

Depth: 8″


Outdoor Unit

Height: 21″

Width: 26″

Depth: 11″


Help & Support

The Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split air conditioner benefits from one of the best warranty plans we have encountered in our air conditioner reviews. With 12-years coverage on both parts and the compressor, the user needn’t worry about running into issues with their air conditioning unit.



The Daikin Wall Mounted Mini Split is the ideal blend of efficiency, high performance, and convenience. Additionally, Daikin provide ample online resources and warranty coverage to ensure that you are fully supported in the unfortunate scenario of encountering issues with your air conditioner. We strongly recommend this unit for installation in living spaces within the unit’s recommended range.