Bosch Air Conditioner Review 2020

Last Updated: May 1, 2020

Looking for an all new air conditioning unit? Check out our review of the Bosch Climate 5000 Mini Split system, where we may have just the unit for you.

by AC Rated

Many people, when they hear the name ‘Bosch’, think of home appliances, with everything from fridges, ovens, and washing machines all included in the company’s extensive catalogue. However, Bosch has also released several effective ductless air conditioners, one of which we will be reviewing today; The Bosch Climate 5000 Mini Split system. This Bosch Air Conditioner is definitely not one to miss if you’re looking to cool a residential living space of up to 400 square feet. See our full run-down of this air conditioner’s pros and cons below.


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Bosch Air Conditioner Review

The Bosch Climate 5000 Mini Split is certainly a unit to consider if you’re looking to cool a medium-large sized residential space, for a relatively low cost. Therefore, we had our team of HVAC analysts review the unit for you at home, so that you may make an informed decision when it comes time for an upgrade to your air conditioner. Check it out.


Cooling Performance

Providing up to a formidable 12,000 BTUs of sheer cooling power, this Bosch Air Conditioner system is ideal for servicing residential spaces of up to 400 Square feet, or medium-large living spaces.

Note: This review discusses the 12K, 115V model of the Climate 5,000 series of Bosch air conditioners, however different models of varying BTU outputs and lineset lengths are also available. 


Efficiency & Certifications

When it comes to measuring the efficiency of home air conditioning appliances, one must take into consideration the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of the device. Fortunately, in this case, we have access to both figures, being 12.5, and 20.9 respectively. Both figures paint this Bosch Air Conditioner as highly efficient, as the industry average EER currently standing at 9.7, with any unit scoring over 10 generally being considered to be very efficient. In addition to this, the Bosch Climate 5000 Mini Split also benefits from an Energy Star certification, which declares that this unit adheres to a strict set of guidelines published by the EPA regarding energy consumption. What does all of this mean? That the Bosch Climate 5000 Mini Split will not cost the user a heft sum of cash to run, which should always be taken into consideration.



Although performance and efficiency are of paramount importance when it comes to the upkeep and effectiveness of a unit, convenience also has a significant role to play. Operation of any air conditioning unit should ideally be quick and painless, as the best air conditioners simply sit back into their environment, without intruding on their surroundings. With this Bosch Air Conditioner, the user is empowered to operate their device to an optimal level of efficiency, by the inclusion of a wireless backlit remote control. Additionally, this unit’s programmable 24-hour timer, when properly utilised, will allow the unit to power on at certain times of the day. This seemingly trivial addition makes a tangible difference when the users daily routine is applied to unit operation. For example, if you live in a hot climate, and dread coming home from work to a clammy and overheated home, simply programme the unit to begin operation at the time you are usually commuting home, and return to a refreshed living space.

As if the Bosch Climate 5000 Mini Split’s integrated technology wasn’t enough, Bosch have gone further still, including numerous modes of operation that lend themselves well to the sleek and professional feel of this stylish unit. A ‘Silent Mode’ is ideal for when you require a more peaceful living atmosphere, dropping the noise level of this unit down to an incredible 20dB, in other words, the sound level of a whisper. Further, with the ‘Turbo Speed’, the user is enabled to user their device to its full capacity to deliver quick and noticeable results.



When it comes to mini splits, many people have concerns about the outdoor component of the system, and we must say, we understand. Quite often, systems such as this involve an outdoor condenser that is not exactly pleasing to the eye. However, with the Bosch Air Conditioner, the compact design of its condenser unit makes it much easier to hide and conceal than many other products on the market.

For a brief explanation of this type of system, basically all you need to know is that you are dealing with three components. The condenser, located on the outside of the building, is connected via a piping line set to the indoor unit, the air handler. However, there is relatively little trouble to be had when installing such a unit, as no ductwork is required. That being said, with a total shipping weight of 143lbs, we must insist that any buyers of a ductless mini split system hire a seasoned professional who is well-capable of installing such a unit without casing damage to your home.


Dimensions (Inches)

Indoor Unit

Height: 11.81″

Width: 31.65″

Depth: 7.6″

Weight: 18.7lbs


Outdoor Unit

Height: 21.81″

Width: 30.5″

Depth: 13.11″

Weight: 81.6lbs


Help & Support

Fortunately, the Bosch Climate 5000 Mini Split benefits from Bosch’s generous limited residential 5-years parts and 7-years compressor warranty. In the unlikely scenario of you encountering a problem with your unit, experienced Bosch customer service representatives are contactable via telephone or email. In addition to this, Bosch provide numerous useful online resources for the user to avail of, including FAQs, and downloadable user manuals.



With high efficiency related figures, this Bosch Air Conditioner is certainly an informed choice of air conditioner if you’re working with a tight budget for upkeep costs. Additionally, with its admirable range of convenient features, operation of this device could not be made any easier for the user. While there are a few settings and features we would have liked to see incorporated into the final design of this device, there is relatively very little to complain about when it comes to this unit and its design. All in all, this unit is an excellent choice for residential spaces inside the maximum area of effect (400 sq. ft.).