Black and Decker BWAC05MWT Air Conditioner 2019

Last Updated: July 1, 2019

Looking for an affordable window-mounted air conditioner for a small living space? Check out our review of the Black and Decker BWAC05MWT to see if we’ve found just the unit for you.

by AC Rated

The Black and Decker brand has earned itself a highly respected status in the HVAC industry. This has been achieved through the introduction of high-quality appliances to the market over the years. With a clear commitment to manufacturing robust, and reliable alternatives to the more expensive air conditioner units on the market, it’s no secret how this brand is one of the market’s favourites. Today we will be reviewing one of their lower-market window-mounts, perfect for anyone working off a budget. Check out our full Black and Decker BWAC05MWT review below.


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Black and Decker BWAC05MWT Air Conditioner

Combining efficiency with simple design, the Black and Decker BWAC05MWT window-mount is certainly one to take into consideration if you do not wish to fork out the big bucks for your home air conditioner. Retailing for approximately $139.99, this unit is not one to miss for all of those out there who are looking to save a bit of cash on their purchase. However, there are compromises in that there is unfortunately a lack of some of our favourite convenient features in this device. Continue reading our Black and Decker BWAC05MWT review for more information.


Cooling Performance

With a cooling output of 5,000 BTUs, the Black and Decker BWAC05MWT window-mounted air conditioner is the perfect solution for cooling smaller living spaces of about 150 square feet. As an additional bonus, this unit is exceptionally cheaper than further up-market models, making this unit the simple and cost-cutting alternative for small rooms in your home.


Efficiency / Certifications

Concerning efficiency, there is no feat of the Black & Decker BWAC05MWT functioning to a high standard. Take for example this unit’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11.0. The EER takes into account a product’s energy consumption, as well as its output, providing us with a convenient figure that sums up exactly how efficiently a device will perform. The industry standard ratio at the time of this review is approximately 9.7, with any unit scoring above 10 being considered highly-efficient.

Unfortunately, the Black & Decker BWAC05MWT does not benefit from an Energy Star certification, which is regrettable. On a positive note, this unit does boast a UL-Listing, which essentially means that it has passed public safety related assessments undertaken by the experts over at Underwriters Laboratories.



Unfortunately, the Black & Decker BWAC05MWT falls significantly behind when it comes to convenience. With two fan and cooling speeds, alongside a choice of AC settings to maintain a comfortable temperature, the device is not completely devoid of all convenience-enhancing features. Regardless, there is a glaring lack of other features such as a Sleep Mode, Auto Mode, Dehumidify Mode, Timer, Wireless Remote Control, you name it. That being said, it must be noted that this unit is a lot cheaper than many of the units out on the market that do include such features. In reality, it’s a matter for the customer to decide upon; save cash lose extra features, or spend cash and enjoy extra features?



Following our criticisms of the Black and Decker BWAC05MWT’s lack of convenient features, it should be mentioned that in its defence, the design of this product is up to standard. With a removable, washable air filter, the user is saved from the hassle of having to purchase replacement filters. However, we advise washing this filter as often as the manufacturer suggests, as a dirty filter will result in crippled performance, with regard to efficiency.

Interestingly, Black and Decker have included 4-way directional airflow capability in this unit’s final design, allowing for a much more even spread of airflow. The advantage to this is the effect of the air conditioner is felt much sooner, thanks to the more even coverage of cooling effect.

Finally, with a simple and easily-understood rotary control panel, this unit is exceptionally user-friendly when it comes to the user interface. Weighing about 39lbs, the Black and Decker BWAC05MWT is also relatively light as far as window-mounts go, however be advised that it may still prove too heavy for installation or transport without assistance.

Unfortunately, while there is no official decibel rating for this product available, we have received reports that this unit can be quite loud. Therefore, we do not recommend using this product for use in areas that demand quiet, such as bedrooms at night, or offices.


Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 12″

Width: 16″

Depth: 15.3″

Help & Support

The Black and Decker BWAC05MWT is backed by a 1-year limited warranty on parts & labor, and a 5-year warranty on the compressor. We recommend that any queries relating to Black & Decker’s warranty policies be directed to the company.

As a Black & Decker product, users of this device can avail of the Black & Deckers customer support infrastructure. This includes representatives who are contactable via phone, email, and various social network presences. A detailed FAQ section is also available, alongside pages to help users find parts, retailers, service centers, and a page for product registration.



Due to the limited amount of specifications available to us regarding this unit, its difficult to make a decisive verdict. However, as the reviews for this device are mostly favourable, we would have to assume that this is a robustly manufactured AC unit. However, as always, we would recommend that potential buyers conduct some of their own research into this product and its reception before committing to a purchase. This will ensure that you get the most from your money, and receive the unit that suits your needs most.